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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Deceiving Story

Among all those gory crime story kat UK ni, I followed one case where this volunteer Policewoman was killed at her doorstep.This happened more than a year ago (or maybe 2?)

Sedih jugak la....but I cannot fathom why people want to volunteer jadi Police kat sini? Dah le tak berbayar, you might end up dead.Nak volunteer pun gi la jadi cikgu or aid worker kat Africa nun.Crime rate in UK ni, budak umur 12 tahun pun boleh bunuh orang.

So this lady,bless her soul, volunteered as a WPC (Woman Police Constable) kat area Wembley nun.Cantik la jugak.Here, we get to see the pretty version of Indian.I'm not saying all Indian are not good looking but compare Samy Vellu to Amitabh Bachan, the like of AB is plenty here...so this Nisha Patel is way better looking than your usual Kelly.(Hamboiii...mulut)

When the news broke, all of us (aku la) like always, kesiannya, muda-muda dah mati.She was stabbed with her own kitchen knife.We all thought that she is one of the have a go hero.The trail suggests that the attacker knocked her front door and a woman with a Police instinct, teruslah capai pisau potong sayur ikan bagai...aren't we all, kalau ada orang ketuk pintu rumah memalam buta?

Well, she was stab and died from a single shot that pierced her heart.Her husband takde kat rumah masa tu.Main snooker katanya.We all thought, ye lah, since her husband being a local businessman, adalah business rival ke nak membunuh bininya.Or, maybe some local had it in for her, with her being a policewoman (walau tak berbayar pun)

They interviewed the husband, yang masa tu sungguhlah wreck nya.Hensem you (Kiah...mcm ghope laki kau) Husband was crying, in the interview calling for witnesses....the news reports that when he was called home that night, he uttered dalam tangisan nya 'why did you open the door'. I had wanted to ask, yang kau gi keluar malam-malam tinggal bini sensorang buat apa? But he was grieving and I should not have evil thoughts.Lagipun, dia sungguhlah hensem...so, manalah tau kan....kot-kot nanti dapat kat aku ke...(that is really an evil thoughts)

Tup-tup!!! In the end, they caught her killer.Investigate punya investigate, they brought in the grieving husband as well.Of course lah he denied.But investigation found plenty of contact made between the attacker and the husband.I thought, okaylah...tak nak lah menyalahkan si hensem tu.He is in business,maybe is his business partner ke, rival ke.See, how looks can deceived.MB was so confident that lakinya musti ada kena-mengena but I was so tertipu with his tangisan (and his good looks) when he first appeal for witnesses.

Today, I bought a Sun Newspaper on my way to another work place.Before you ask, Kiah...I'm not buying the newspaper for all that inflated tetek on Page 3 okay? The Sun is damn cheap, 20 pence...plus the train ride is long and I need to catch up with news.

Ghope-ghope nya, si puaka jantan hensem tu, now is the main suspect.The news published his holiday shots with some Lithuanian prosty few weeks before the murder and how he is paying the attacker money to have wife killed so that he can claim her life insurance.I must tell you, kalaulah tak pasal gambar dia dengan prostitute ittew, aku mati-matilah ingat si Fadi Nasri ni tak bersalah githoo...and how I will stand by my man (yicksss...nak muntah nya...)

So me and MB talked about it again.MB of course la dengan theory CSI Vegas,Miami & New York nya...dey, just because kau dah khatam tengok CSI, does not make you the expert, okay? I dah cakap dengan you dah...there's something about that man..I knew it, I knew it.Talk about woman instinct.

Some of us are blessed with all this perasaan-perasaan where you can feel something is not right but until you know what it is, you can't get your finger in it.I don't.Until all is didepan mata, I am blisfully ignorant.I'm sure if ever there is a husband, my husband can get away with kahwin 2,3,4 under my nose and aku, sampai mati pun tak tau.

I'm not into kapak rampage upon my gruesome discovery, if my partner ever cheated.Well, I don't know yet, some of us will cakap macam-macam now when it hasn't happened but when caught up, kelu seribu bahasa.I might be saying that I'm cool with it now that I will just leave gracefully but one may never know.I will probably need more than a kapak.

Although I detest cheaters,you can never understand one would lie.I believe in love at the 2nd sight where we stumbled upon someone,feel the connection and have relationship, while still madly in love with someone else.

Tapi...tak yah lah sampai bunuh-bunuh kan? Well, when you are married, the stake is high.Anak la, harta sepencarian la...not many are willing to give up amassed wealth walaupun konek dah gatal tahap maximum.

Clean example, si JT.In our last conversation over coffee and cake, he is still not willing to give up his pasu serawak,although dia yang nak buang bini dia.You can be honest, in his case, last minute honesty...not to mentioned pengecut, he was planning his getaway from his kununnya loveless marriage,making sure all his airway dah clear and tinggalkan bini terkapai-kapai.I think men and woman need to be mentally prepared if they're losing one another.Life after marriage can be quite lonely, you've been with someone for certain amount of time,cinta tak cinta pun and to lose them from your system completely is hard.

Well, jantan celaka ada dimana-mana....in and out this world.Ooooopsssss!!!!


Anonymous said...

jantan2 jaman sekarang ni memang susah nak dipercayai esah...but having said that pompuan pun sama gak, ramai yg gatal...oleh itu marilah kita bersama berdoa agar tak bertemu dgn jantan jahat dan pompuan gatal hehee...


Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Amboi Esah, mula puji2 laki aku ni. Ko nak include dia jadi 3some ke??

Kak Teh said...

Hjh Esahm naaf kak teh menyampuk. Ada satu lagi crime yang paling keji baru-baru ni. Yang drug addict tu raped the girl while she was dying. In fact i think she was dead when he was doing the terrible act. I thought that was so disgusting.

Manal said...

Why ooo why i just delt like saying :"Whaattttaaa farrrking idddjiot!" on reading JT.

Perhaps, he finds the british air therapeutic and your company uplifting.

MOttifffff kaitkan kisa wife-cheater n JT makji??? is that what he has been doing with u?

Kak Teh said...

adoi, my typos getting from bad to worse. Apologies.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! i am gentleman...hehehehe...