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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Entry Sewel

This was written on Sunday 16th of March.Tapi lupa nak publish.I must warned to you who is reading this that I have not been functioning like any other normal working person. Apparently, I have been working night and day, only ever have some free time to eat, sleep,doing a bit of laundry and watching CSI.

I keep ignoring Facebook request (plus...I must admit, I really tak reti when people sent me all kind of notification and request...alaaa, hantar message aje lah, takyah lah nak suruh I buat quiz ke bagai, susah lah babe)

I have to attend 12 discharge meeting in one week. All schizophrenic case. All is set to live in the community. Boss asked me to come up with some relapse prevention plan and due to some foreseeable risk, I have to work closely with the Community Police. At the end of the day, I am dead knackered. For this, I thank god, I don't have laki or anak. Mampus kena cerai, mampus anak kebulur...and jangan merasalah nak jadik Tokoh Maal Hijrah ke or Tokoh Ibu Mithali. Tak kan ada nya...

Next couple of day, I will be send away to a place called Weymouth, down south.Boss yang suruh.Lately ni, I feel compelled to do what ever Boss asked me to do.Tanpa bantahan lak tu.Why lah? I sudah syiok kat Boss ke? Eh..can happen taw...if you spend so much time in close proximity with some one, on the phone selang 30 minutes...chenta boleh berputik tawwwwww.......

Nah...Boss is not my type. What is my type? I spent 3 years in all girls school...another 2 more years in that konon nya 'berlambak bebudak pandai' school where all the male species is equal to celaka besar.So, I bound to found comfort in 'no men land'.

As much as this thought is scarry, I am so open to everything right now.My Boss is very thoughtful, well she have to, didn't she, kalau tak mampus lah siapa nak buat kerja macam nak mati.We Malaysian are so hardworking (quoting my Boss) maybe because we know we are away from our own comfort.Like the Chinese in Malaysia.

I think I have passed giving in to community expectation. My parents sungguhlah dah give up nya nak mengenenkan I dengan jantan-jantan Malang as far as from Bukit Chedang.

Let's look at more healthier options...pick up any nice gay man as a good friend (or as handyman around the house) and another female companion.

Women look after one another...they might be bitching non-stop but they forgive and forget easily. Women are very loyal too.

Sexual pleasure? There is always Ann Summer's gadget.



Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Ni macam bunyi gersangggg je ni..

Dina said...

Ado ko laie stok2 jantan malang kat Bukit Chedang nun ?

Yg ada pun sumer dah perut boroi & kepala botak...

- guile - said...

"Eh..can happen taw...if you spend so much time in close proximity with some one, on the phone selang 30 minutes...chenta boleh berputik tawwwwww......."

ya betul!!! i sangat setuju tuh. ye lah, from experience, dah kena baru tau. tak kena, tak tau, cuma diberitau ajer.

Anonymous said...

Whenever my son drives, he always put on 'Who Am I'. I'd always tell him, this song reminds mommy of someone.... i doa everything is well with you over there sweetie, insyaAllah. Tcare...~hatiriang~

talib said...

camne nak check u out on fesbuk?