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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Crazy Wednesday

Last night, I belanja my boss makan. Ceh...made a difference kan? Well, last week, I had a little disagreement with her.I think that was the 2nd time.The first one, I merajuk (as in I tak bercakap-cakap dengan dia for couple of days) but after few days, I realised betapa tak professionalnya I.Sometimes at work, we have couple of clashed opinions.But in my case, I know I was right. I made a decision to section someone under Act 4, but much to my dismay, family si Polan ni sudah pergi HQ and made a complaint abt me. Aku telah membuli anak mereka konon nya.

Boss rang me on the spot, and overturned my decision and suggests that we (me and my team) to look at the incident properly, buat post mortem la kira nya.Boss and her usual speech, we have to be very patient-centred.Konon nya.But what is so obvious is that her decision is more 'patient-family centred'.Sakit hati I tawwwwww.

So, I decided..sebagai tanda protest, I called her and asked what made she think that my decision ain't right. Boss said, it is not about the battle...it is about the war. So, that night, after my decision to section this guy was overturned by my own boss yang ku kira, tak tau apa-apa tu, si family celaka tu started to torment my unit.See, sometimes you think that mental health patient is dangerous kan? No, wait till you see their family, and with family like that, jangan kata anak they all, yang tukang jaga ni pun boleh jadi gila.

Hmmm...like any other melayu yang kalau kena marah dengan boss terus kata boss salah and merajuk berjam-jam, I did the same. I decided to take time off work with short notice.I need some time to merajuk in private.I was so dissapointed.I went into therapy and purge it all out...goodness, I am so childish.

I apologised to my boss.Boss tatau yang I sakit hati dengan dia.I told her how I feel.I have a lot of confidence to confront her when I am less angry.I chosed my words carefully. I told Boss, I am within my right to made that decision and for her to tetiba cakap I salah, sungguh lah kejam nya.While orang lain can have attitude lantaklah...this is just a job, no! It is not like that with me.Sebagai anak askar yang sungguh garang...I cannot accept such decision.It is about principle, and yes, if they have a problem with my decision, nak buat komplen...ikut proper channel lah kan...ni tak, gi lobi my Boss and si pompuan tu, teruslah cakap 'okay, okay..I'll sort Makji Esah out for you'. Tak ke membuatkan aku nampak extra bangang?

But after 48 hours...(memanglah I ni extra bangang) I realised why my Boss did what she did.And setelah I realised betapa buruk nya perilaku I...I called Boss and apologised.Boss cakap, okay but can you honestly see why we have to play the game these people are playing?

Boss took me out for a meal...I wanted to pay, but Boss cakap...takpelah, kita gasak duit company.But I still feel awful.See, Boss is indirectly my Cikgu.I was brought up not to go against Cikgu, walaupun Cikgu tu kenkadang macam puaka.I told Boss about this...because she is slightly older than me and also considering that she is nice (when she is nice) that we Malaysian tak leh kurang-kurang ajar dengan Cikgu and people older than us.I was actually overreacting and to show to her that I am so sorry, I musti belanja dia makan.

But last night, me and colleague decided to kidnap Boss from her hotel and took her to this very posh golf club in Herts.We had a good time (ni tak termasuk purse ku yang rabak since the bill came up to £120.00) But again, some of us have strong life principle.

Moral dari cerita I yang boring ni ialah...kalau orang gila, dia akan terus gila and kita akan dibuatnya jadi gila jugak.My Boss decided to go ahead to play the game...without making me go down that road of gila ness.It is not about who is right and who is wrong.We don't need to be as low as them.Tu dia ceritanya.

So kepada kengkawanku yang dihormati...we come across so many people that driving us crazy.Biarkanlah.Let them win.Some battle are not worth to fight.As long as kita pun tak jadi gila.


[danial][ma] said...

hej! hjh esah: "So kepada kengkawanku yang dihormati...we come across so many people that driving us crazy.Biarkanlah.Let them win.Some battle are not worth to fight.As long as kita pun tak jadi gila" ...agreed with you...:)

Anonymous said...

well done esah...sikap mu itu sungguh terpuji ;)


captlukman said...

i faced this kind of ppl many times, let them win doesnt mean we are lost. But i guess, if im not stressed it out, the prob will burden on me....** berkaitan kerja i je lah kan**