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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Note. I bukan malas nak update...fact is, I'm reeling from the frustration of not being able to.See, I need to write to let out.Like orang ittew, this is the only channel for me to air my laundry...clean and dirty.

Yes, I was working over Easter.Money is good, but that was not the reason.Working on both bank holidays (Good Friday & Easter Monday) will pay for my direct flight fare to KUL without even touching my net pay.So, I will not complaint.Boss is going to Spain for holiday.Before dia berambus pergi Spain, sempat pulak dia suruh I suspend one of my support worker from duty,pending investigation.So, that left the unit short staffed.So yang kena kerja nya aku...

But in this post, I decided that enough rambling about work.Cara aku mengomplen macam aku sorang ajelah dalam dunia ni yang busy and miserable.My life is so uninteresting...I don't go places,I don't shop hence takdelah benda-benda nak ditayang...

Selepas puas si Tua tu ku kutuk dan sumpah, we decided to give the relationship another go.Too much is at stake but I have decided,kalau hati ni masih boleh bersabar,sabarlah.After all,when I think about it,I can still very much do what I want to do.I am at work MOST of the time.I'm not a perfect partner in many,many ways.A colleague asked me today if I ever wanted children.Without a tinge of hesitation,dengan bongkak nya I said NO.I can't look after myself,I'm too selfish and I developed penyakit pelupa besar nowadays that I know one day my child will suffer...ada ke emak lupa yang dia ada anak? Adaaaa.....siapa? Ala...Hjh Esah la...dia hantar anak dia gi nursery in 2009, sekarang dah 2020 pun lupa nak ambik...boley? So kepada sesiapa yang ada anak...kalau setakat nak jadik godmother beli hadiah, bawak jenjalan..itu boleh.Nak commit 24 jam and a lifetime...acik mintak mahap la yo....

So, NO.I'm not going to talk about F either here.Ni masing-masing tengah mood baik...trading phone calls maybe 4,5 times a day.Tapi kalau temperature dah start naik...mau berbulan tak bercakap!!!

Bila dah ber partnerkan orang putih ni...or shall I be more precise, ber partnerkan orang kapir ni...maka,tak banyak sikit, kenalah acknowledge segala perayaan kapir ni kan? We did spend Easter together and bought each other Easter Egg, walaupun kesudahannya, habis telur ceklat ku digasak oleh sidaknya yang buruk siku...bagi I, tapi dia yang makan.Apo makno eh tu?

F suggested that I watch this program in BBC about Jesus, the crucification and the later ressurrection.See, what do I know about the Easter celebration apart from beli Easter egg? Yeelek!!!

So I watched the program.The whole episode of 'Passion'.About Jesus and his decipher,how they went around preaching, annoys the Roman,got himself crucified and rise above to heaven.Little that I know, from there developes the Christians and the Roman later become the Roman Catholic and the Hebrew remain their Judaism.

I realised that there's a lot of things I don't know and history about all the religion in this world is all very unique.People do struggle to spread good things.Make me wonder that after many years, people still kill/disagree about each other choice of faith.

Nevertheless, Happy Easter. (Matilaaa dah basi)


Alia M. said...

haha, yeah those mat sallehs tend to kasi segala info about their perayaan.

but at least i think itu lagi baik dari atheist beriya iya cakap pasal their theory of a (nonexistent) deity, supernova, whateverkejadah.

alamak lari topik!

ok was just browsing thru! :D

Lyza said...

hi hjh esah,

Happy Easter (sorry, wish dah basi )!
I've been a silent reader to your blog all these while. Brilliant-tats how I describe it.

Cakap pasal getting married and having a child, well, I was thinking the same( x nak ade anak, takut takleh jaga anak etc..etc..) before I got married. Even after I had my little angel, its not an immediate attachment. Often I thought I was having post natal depression. But after 2 months, I am getting used of being a mom a.k.a maid yg tak bergaji... ha ha.. In fact, I enjoy it.

My 2 cents - Lets nature take its course. I am sure you will be a good mom. Keep on writing. Take care.

Anonymous said...

meh la esah i angkat you jadik 'mak angkat' to my son...tolong bawak dia jenjalan dan belikan hadiah, boleh? hehehee..

i pun macam you, apo ko bondo eh easter ni...dapek laki mat salleh tapi bila i tanya pasal easter dia pun tak tahu hahahaa...kita org tak le sambut easter tapi bab holiday panjang due to easter tu kita org sukaaaaa ;)

take care esah!