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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Malay Ramblings

Exhibit Penyakit Hati A, Murtabak Ayam...sila tengok tanpa kelip-kelip
Exhibit Penyakit Hati B, Sila makan hati dengan serta merta, From Lto R, kacang rebus, kuih keria, popiah basah, lemang original & Ketupat Palas, untuk tatapan mangsa-mangsa kebuluruan di Eire & East Anglia.

Seeing new development around TTDI made me sad. I am so used to the green scenery after MOFAZ office. With so many new Damansara’s, pelangi lah, mutiara lah, the old TTDI look too modern for my liking. Lucky my father has now moved to United States of 9, so TTDI can expand sampai dia meletup.It is unrecognisable.

Syukur alhamdulillah, I have eaten everything that I was cravings for. From Roti Jala to Popiah Basah and the claypot rice. And Murtabak too, thanks to Jen. Sakit jugak kepala bila mengenang nak drive all the way from Subang Jaya to Taman Melawati (Sue Typhoon tip off) in search for Murtabak. But I bet Taman Melawati is not what it used to be 20 years ago. I wonder if that MELAWATI atas bukit signboard is still there?

I have packed my luggage, the first one. I have another one (we brought two, MB’s is now filled with foods) and mine will be with our clothing’s. I have been busy running my own errands and neglecting my family, my mother especially but I have made a promise to myself that I will be coming back more often, like every raya.

To you yang I tak sempat nak jumpa, believe me I have every intention nak jumpa but my time is needed somewhere else. I got bad tooth ache and my mother is kind enough to set me an appoinment with my dentist cousin (also lama tak jumpa, bila sakit baru ingat sedara kan?) to get it fixed, besok pulak tu. Habislah plan nak skodeng Anuar Zain kat KLCC dengan pompuan-pompuan glamer besok.Sorry ah? To pompuan KWSP yang sungguh tak berhemah asking me to surrender my nationality just because of my request to withdraw my puny amount of caruman, semoga tuhan lah yang membalas budi bahasa akak yang tak banyak mana tu.Tapi musykil la, tu kan duit saya kak? Ciss...takpe, ada ubi ada batas, satu hari nanti, merasalah kereta akak rosak pastu akak kena naik bas, boleh? To the bank officer AM Bank (nama bank pun tak glamour) yang macam nak tak nak layan I semalam dan siang tadi, ingatlah...you tak akan mati sakit gigi if you smile to your customer.

The thing is, I am so used to people in the government offices in the UK or their commercial industry servants to treats their consumer indiscriminately, greets you and apologise profusely if they can’t attend to your needs. I remember having to go to Richmond Council to get my council tax refunded and the officer is mega busy but still acknowledges me and promise to get right back to me once he disengage from his commitment. That akak KWSP, boleh bergurau senda with her office mate while we (me and MB) duduk depan dia, waited almost 5 minutes for her to be ‘disconnected’ from her happy moment.Tak mintak maaf pun. Senyum pun takde. We are like at her mercy. For once, I want to give her the benefit of being a Muslim (this kakak wear tudung, sure lah alim sikit from I ni) so, as a woman, takleh lah kan tak tergedik-gedik over friendly at the counter layan pelanggan. But, kitorang ni dua-dua pompuan kak, senyum pun takdelah masuk neraka nya.

Another thing, sekarang ni adalah pulak cerita dua celebrity bergaduhan dalam TV. This Azwan Ali guy, I last remember him looking ‘boleh lah’ but now, he is either mega ugly with bedak sekati and that goggle eyewear and converse like pondan tak cukup umur (ish..sorrylah...I have nothing against gay man, but he is just one disgusting case) or just dah gila. Some years ago, if I am not mistaken, he sued TV3 and Ogy for making fun of his feeling...emm, for someone educated, he is so lembik to ambik hati like that. Now pulak, I saw him on telly semalam ke or that day, he announced that he will not forgive the pompuan who kunun nya slandered him.Aii...cakap macam tu pun nak masuk TV ke? And the TV people pun, why they nak layan that ‘sensasi’ issue, macam lah takde sensasi thing yang lain nak tunjuk. I also read the interview they did with Siti Nurhaliza, ada ka pi tanya, Siti dah berbaik ke dengan your husband ex wife? Weihhh...rasa macam nak cari pulak if there are any articles in the Hello ke, NOW ke kalau-kalau ada article Jennifer Aniston berbaik-baik dengan Esah Jolie, eh Angelina Jolie.

I nak kutuk banyak-banyak pun, I am still a malay, pakai la Fair & Lovely banyak mana pun, my skin will still chocolate colour gitu (lainlah if I sleep in that Michael Jackson’s capsule kan?) My mentality is if not worse is still the same, suka mengutuk orang. So, I can only moan, moan and moan for you all to read.

I’ll be flying back to London soon and will not have time to update my blog as this laptop will be seating beautifully in his sarung. I’m going back to US of 9 tomorrow without my laptop and will go to KLIA direct from there.

To all especially Bella and Cik Kiah, thank you. To Yanz, panjang umur, kita akan jumpa jugak. To CD Kak Melah, akan ku cari jua di Seremban. To Jen, what can I say, thank you seems so little. To Stephen & Lizs, terimak kasihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kitakkkkkk.....kitak duak nang bagus gilak.

Best Wishes.


Goddess Selene said...

TIDAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POPPIAH BASAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! EEeee kejam taw Makji sampai begitu sekali deraan terhadap mak yg solehah inniew! FINE!!!

Ehh bila uols pulang London semula? Harus la beg berbondong2 penuh ngan isi makanan! Jgn sampai terburaian ala2 flight from Dublin dulu tuh huh? Kang ada la pulak satu flight dok bau makanan sajork.. Hiks. Selamat berangkat pulang uols!

P/s: Sempat jugak uols langsaikan cravings yg tak sudah2 tuh kan? Lepas nih meh ikot mak pegi FAT FIGHTER bersama2 Myra (NOT A WORD!!) *matila i'm the only gay in the village!

Lee Novotny said...

Kann?? dlm bz bz nak balik semula UK nih sempat nak menyekitkan hati weols yg kununnya kebuluran tahap Darfur inniew... takpa, kerna Kak Melah, mak gigit jah lidah mak ni dari mencarutz uols...hahahahhahaha :P

Aiyyoo Azwan Ali glamer lagi kah??? Sah sahlah kan nak cari publisiti sbb dosi kertu kaedahnya..oopss ya hamponnn kak Wan! Betul tu, apa ke jadah tanya soklan cenggitu pada Dato Siti??? Patutnya tanya Siti cemana nak pakai kebaya bagi nampak lawa utk si kak Wan sendiri, leyy??? Cara nak pakai mekap, cara nak jadi tak gedik...

Anyway, bon voyage uols..pls kim my salam to Mb nah???

Belladonna said...

Aiyo, tadi type hilanglah plak. Ha Esah, dont worry. Kami disini semua faham your situation. Cuti sket but so many things to do. Family comes 1st nok. Alah, hari raya and tahun2 akan datang ado lagi nok. You take care and semoga tuhan je balas kebaikan ngko and semoga dimurahkan rezeki. Bon voyage :(

p/s: Sakit gigi dah kurang?

Rockafella Gurl said...

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( melepas aku nk jmp hang Esah.. uhukss.. u tau tak, i nk bg by hand kad raya u tau, coz i dun hv ur address.

nmpaknya tgu taon dpn ler i bg u. wahhh! akhirnya! dpt juga u carik murtabak ittew, camno byk bawang kaa?

i hope u had spend so much GREAT time Raya kat KL ni ya! w/pon uols tak puas ati dgn akak KWSP ittew.. hihi.

Manal said...

Sentiasa sempat hambek gambar kan sebelom melantak....bagoss la mak ji nih....harosss la capturing any single precious moment and eternalize it.

Happy to know u had had a great time around. Next time, panjang umur inshallah kita berkenal-kenalan in the real life plak yea makji.

And semoga all those foods u carry manage to pass the strict custom inspection!

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

makji eton...say it again, say it again..say it again...(sambil buat aksi Marjorie Dawes pegang telinga)

Hjh Leemah,uols dah puas makan lemang kat Hamburg, apa lgi yg kebulur nya?

Bella & Yanz, sorry na. Yanz, bak mai address you, I mmg ada benda nak kasi ni...

Manal, jgn la buat aku takut.Selalunya kastam Heathrow tu kan tak pernah check? Jgn kata food, DVD haram byk betul dlm luggage I. U gimme a buzz next time u're in London yeah?

Jen said...

Hi Esah,

U are most welcome. At least, u managed to find the Murtabak. Is there anything else that u fancy???
When my gal was here for Summer holiday recently, dia pun sama u juga wanted to eat this & that / to try food that dia tak pernah makan like Mee Kawin (we had it at Bestari behind Hartamas Shopping centre). After that complain I put on weight & daily without fail must go to the Gym.

Esah, u know what? In April, when i landed at Heathrow. when i went through the Green lane, a Spaniel Sniffer Dog in a working vest, paired with a young woman in uniform. The Sniffer Dog leading the way & gave a cursory sniff of my luggages. But it kept on wagging its tail after sniffying my slingbag. Then i was asked by the lady in uniform. "Are you carrying food?" & ask to open my bag. Luckily, itu sahaja. So in it only that piece of Kek Lapis Cinnamom flvour & i told her Cinnamon Loaf instead of Kek. Pasal apa?? Cos ada telur. The handler seemed satisfied and I moved on. So Esah, if you are bringing nakanan, pls make sure it's well wrap ok. (I'm not here to scare u but jz to advise/caution ok. Well, it's all depending what sort of foods and also one's luck too.

By the way, when are u going back to London?? If you are free may be we can meet up for lunch/dinner b4 u go back.

As usual, take good care & hope to see u b4 u leave.

Jen said...

Hi Esah,

Pls dun worry too much ok. A lot of my gal's coursemates pun carry a lots of DVD/Software haram other than makanan also pass thru recently. What more on different departure dates/Airlines. I also know some Datin2 when they visit their children in Uk carry makanan by boxes pun ok. As i mentioned earlier, itu depending on ur Luck. Jz walk thru confidently k.

samasam said...

dude, i used to stay around damansara pelangi - mutiara tuh. now dah pindah dah..

hows life??

captainlukman said...

mrasalah org kje kat bank tu non ado senyum kan, mrasalah jugak mak pose-pose senyum tawar sebab senyum kat mana-aman yg kerja services tu haram takda pun nak ucap mekaish kat kita kan, kita plak yg ucap.ok ke? ok lah kot.

have safe flight, mrasa kalau kali ni ada org recline seat lagi, sepak je seat tuh.ok dak?