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Sunday, July 15, 2012


This was published late and I know it. So, Kiah..jangan komplen.

If you ask me now what do I want, I will say that I would like everyone to be happy.

I would like people to return the same favour to me, in principal...similar to the effort that I had with them. No, it is a very very fat chance with this one...sebab majority orang, memang sukanya mengambil kesempatan. Maybe they don't realised that they have taken advantage but they certainly not nice enough to return the same favour.

I would like if the person I love would love me back the same amount I give. But, manusia ni hatinya lain-lain. I am not at all suggesting that this person is a bad person for showing, sometimes zilch feelings. No. I in return, should not have given so much. Because when you give so much, you will expect so much.

But I do like to know how people can live with themselves knowing that

- they have upset another person a great deal
- they happily living in the centre of this universe where everything have to revolve around them, hence they will justify apa saja perangai tak semenggah yang dibuat nya

Then of course, my curiousity lies with the oblivios one. They talked about themselves...ye lah..the good things...all the times. Seeking all the attention the want but the real picture show deep unhappiness.

Is it so important that people know how we feel? Where is your own consolation space in this?



Anonymous said...


truth is after a while it doesn't matter if anyone knows what it is that causes us to feel bad, to despair, and to shed stupid tears ... for what ...

but ... it is very very nice, very lucky in fact ... if we have a great friend or two at opposite ends of the world, who will say ... i love you ... when your voice is breaking ... no questions asked ...

Allahumma shalli 'ala Muhammad ...

Selamat berpuasa :)


Makcik Kerabu said...

itu harapan semua orang , kalau kita beri sebegini banyak, kita harap dapat sebegitu banyak juga. in relationship hatta dengan kawan pun kita harap bila kita ikhlas kawan itu pun akan ikhlas juga tapi itu lah mak ji, yg kita rasa rapat dan kita sayang itu lah akan soksek hal kita juga. keciwa jgn cakap lah kan. cemburu nak bersaing tu satu hal. walau camna pun i hope as people say, kalau kita ikhlas , tuhan ada untuk tolong kita.. happy fasting.
owh...makcik k sound good..hehehhe

Sarah said...

Kak haji ni puasa x ? Sahur pukul 3am berbuka 9:30pm mesti tough nyer.

Bitta said...

Hi, I like reading your blog, I like the way you write, I wish I can write like that. I don't remember how I came across your blog, I was probably looking for malaysian bloggers. I have a blog too, but don't write much.

I am from Sabah originally, but living in Oregon, USA.

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. If you do, please let me knwo ok.

Bitta said...

Hi, I like the way you write and reading your blog. I feel like I can relate. At any rate, I hope you don't mind me frequenting your blog, if you do please do let me know.

I am a Malaysian residing abroad, in Oregon USA. I am from East Malaysia (Sabah). I am a mom with two kids married to American.


Makji Esah said...

MA, thanks. That is very nice to hear :)

Makcik K, adakalanya perasaan sensitip tak hengat itu akan melanda...dan masa dia sedang melandalah maka tertulis nya update ni...

Sarah, insya allah. mmg bangun awal minum air utk sahur. kalau larat, habis lah.

Bitta, this is an open blog so yes, no restriction for you to read :)