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Thursday, May 31, 2012

End Of May

The last 3 weeks, I was in Wales. There's talk about extending my service here but because I have another commitment (yang sebenarnya sudah menyampah tahap gabanista) I cakap dgn Boss kecik, babaiii lah.

I have a lot of things to that need working on.

First, Loyar Sabung Ayam & Me, has sort of agree on this property that we want to convert into rehab home. Okay, I will now call it ALP. Stands for Assisted Living Project. Rehab tu bunyik cam jahattt aje. Puas Loyar Sabung Ayam menyundal...until she got nothing to 'sundal' on. There's goes my bonus. Rezeki Allah, my boss announced a bonus last week. And I know where that money is going now :)

Someone that I have been professionally socialised with since March, offered me job in her opis in KL. I am tempted. She came to London to tell me that (plus pergi visit opis nya kat sini) I asked if I can work on my project alongside kerja kat opis dia. She said can. I am elated. At least I have something to live on while I'm in KL helping Help & Hope overseeing the ALP. See, I have no sugar mummy/daddy/boipren/gilpren who can give me money. So I have to work. But I need to do things that I like...err, I did consider working in stabak/mekdonat etc, because my customer service is exemplary.

The money is not great but it is still money coming in for me personally. We still cannot get anyone with huge cash to be interested in what we are doing. What we have is a lawyer who is willing to redah and do all the legal work for free, we have good friend cum lover who is abusing her power to paksa her laki designing the project for us, we have another friend who's skill in most vital, also willing to help for free...and the little money that I saved up and your generous donation.

By the way, the haters comments are getting more annoying. Men always say that mulut perempuan is so teruk. I know for sure the annoying, deragatory comments came from those with dysfuntion dick. Sorry lah...orang macam you takde benda pekdah boleh buat sebab alat you dah rosak so to make yourself feel better, you annoy people.

Thanks to the spam filter, your comment got hidden automatically. So you can choose to be a different anonymous everyday but the system tracked yr ISP, nah kau dok lah kat situ dendiam.

This is the last post in May. So hello to June...and hello to more good things.


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aking said...

Good to know about ALP! and nok, kau punya post atas skali tu tarkh dia dah betul bulan dia JUNA 2012...mrasa ubah!*matilarrraku jap gi* hahaha

p/s: lawonya mu paka songket kuningggg