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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Claim To Fame Yang Tak Perlu

Blogsphere ni....walaupun luas scope nya...ia tidaklah sebesar mana. So we are technically neighbours because in the radius of the sphere, there we are...orbiting around.

Sometime, we know our neighbours. How well do we know our neighbours? Is it their mere existence or do we really, outside of this sphere...trading words with them, personally?

There is certain neighbours of us that we know of their existence and we at a point, trying so desperately to avoid. Why? People avoid another people for all sorts of reasons. Sometime they're kind enough to tell you that they are avoiding you (so that you know where you stand) and some, just prefer to stay quiet and were hoping that you avoid their path too.

I know of a certain neigbour that told his/her other neighbours how friendly he/she is with me. When I got to know this, I went..eh? I am a very unfriendly neighbour. I am socially impaired. I am the type of neighbour that some of you may need to cross my path more than once to get me to talk to you.

I am very friendly with my PHD stricken neighbour. Like me, she can be unfriendly too...so what it is, is that she love her space and the people she allowed into it. Same with me. Like me, she dislikes loud neighbours.

Today she told me that this so called 'very friendly' neigbours of ours...has asked his/her other neigbours about her. Not only that, this friendly neighbours of ours (yang sumpah we all tak kenal pun..kalau kenal pun kenal reputasi aje la kannn) said to his/her other neighbours that he/she knows his neighbour (my PHD neighbour) through me.

Dua tiga menjak ni memanglah kami2 dah diberitahu betapa sipolan ni memberi gambaran kat orang yang dia sukusakat kawan cemolot dgn weols. Aih....tak adanya. Nampak sangatlah neighbour kami yang mega friendly ni tak kenal kami yang tak friendly ni. Kalau you kenal weols sangat, takkan lah you tak perasan lagi yang I dgn neighbour I yang sorang ni blogger underground bukannya gila carta, gila glamer etc.

Tidak pandaikah kita menghormati privacy neighbour kita tu? Kalau diorang tu yang species nya suka dok bawah tanah, biarlah dia. You kan suka masuk pestapantun bagai..you glamour sensorang cukup la.

Annoying sangat tau....


DeLancrettLurpak said...

mmg ada kadang2 manusua yg feeling2 close tapi nan-hado. golongan mcm gini meh la kita gelakkan secara berjemaah.

pakmat said...

..salam lad...I believed I sorta missed you..:) take care..

Makji Esah said...

B Lurpak..meh gelak...muahahahaha...okay, skrg pegi stadi ye?

Pak Mat..correction. A lass. I missed you too...I hope your recent trip brought you lots of good, insya allah.