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Thursday, October 16, 2008

To My Friends

I had my wisdom tooth extracted out yesterday.Today...my left cheek is a bit fatter.In this matter, the fat doesn't really bother me.

To meet the appoinment time, I asked MB to arranged a taxi the night before to take me all the way to Cheras.I swear, kalaulah tak pasal appoinment hari ni, I never knew that this hospital exist.

I don't know whether it is all Dentists or is it just my friend (who happened to be one) think that they are at liberty to bagi komen-komen puaka about your gigi.

Bad enough that you have to live with your gigi yang tak proportion due to your childhood stupidy, is it really necessary to remind you the consequences of tak mendengar cakap mak masa kecik-kecik about penjagaan gigi?

The moment I entered that Department Maksilotahapa-hapa...and was asked to wait, there is this variety of gambar-gambar gigi,gusi and muka orang yang menakutkan...enough to encourage me to lari and never to talk to my friend again.

But I am 35 of age...and of course friendship is hard to come by.I didn't follow my heart although it is hard to sweep away the image of gusi,gigi bengkak and gambar mulut koyak rabak from your mind...

Oh no...I must not complain. My appoinment was fast tracked and for that I am forever thankful...although walaupun katanya nak offer I moral support, I can see from the corner of my eye (and my gigi) yang my Dentist friend ini sibuk menggodak Facebook.Moral support apanya tu?

The aftercare was excellent (!!!) My friends sympathises with my pain and offered a non-stop kata-kata perangsang whilst melantak Rojak Mamak, Nasi Briyani & Roti Bom kat aku yang yang tak boleh makan ni....

To my friends...The Dentist, Miss AA and Ratu Parking Bontot...thank you for being there for me.


Manal said...

Tu bru satu wisdom tooth, and u got like 3 more!

Sempat lak dia nak pokpekpokpek about ur gigi history...tak pe la, not everyone are so into TOM CRUISE teethy smile unless u R gonna be a hollywood star....

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Manal..I only have one left.Kesian kan? Yang satu tu pun bakal menjadi aruah.Hikss..