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Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Big Thank You....:)

Updated on 03/08/2012 at 09.56hrs***

This post is published deliberately on a future date, intended to be above all my latest postings. The idea is for you to capture the content first, make generous donation (kalau sudi) and tell your friends. Scroll down for my latest postings. Keep the donation coming, kawan-kawan :)

This certainly deserves a heads up. Sempena bulan Remdan ni, on behalf of Help & Hope, I want to make a fresh appeal.

Since this appeal started, we only received 15 donations. Dr Lurpak kata, promo kurang...hiks, pasal tu takde ramai orang nak derma. Okay, salah saya. I should have put more focus in. Sesibuk mana pun.

We have, encountered hurdles. Well, macam tu lah kalau tak ber dana, kan? Orang nak tolong pun slow2 aja speed nya. But Allah is still with us. Some hurdles were made easy to passed. For all your spare cash, we are eternally grateful.

We read everywhere in the news orang bunuh orang, orang bunuh diri, orang naik marah lantas mencederakan orang lain. We want to offer a safe place, a better education and understanding for the one that is need of help.

The need, the illness and the plight may not be obvious to you. But trust me, every little helps can make a lot of difference.

Current progress, after so much difficulties (cashflow wise) we have obtained the premise. We will be submitting the architect drawing soon. We will then need to turn the building into habitable place. We need to furnish it. And we need a little more generosity.

True, mental illness is not life threatening. So we have nothing to show to gain sympathy so that you can push your hand deep into your pockets. But with your understanding and spare cash, however little, can...

- Save the vulnerable girls from being abuse and taken advantage of, due to their emotional and mental complexities
- Safeguarding your love ones for your peace of mind
- Helping the affected soul to get back to life, as good as normal
- help many more...

So my friends...from the bottom of our heart, thank you very much :)

1. Raudhah Yahya from Canada
2.  Hamimah Ujir from Bristol,UK
3.  Siti Jadit from R.O. Ireland
4.  Adilah Abu Bakar from Ampang, Malaysia
5.  Dayangku Noorfazidah Awang Shri from Pahang, Malaysia
6.  Sharizman Shamuri from Puchong, Selangor Malaysia
7.  Izuan Halik from London,UK
8.  Abang Hensem tapi mintak dirahsiakan identity... :)
9.  Andy Hansall from Uxbridge, London, UK ---ni opis mate saya
10. Izuan Halik from London,UK
11. Shahbe Desa from Bristol, UK 
12. Suhaila Saee from Kuching, Sarawak ----kitak bagusss tekkk? 
13. Anonymous who banked in directly to Al-Rajhi Bank
14. Melly The Cat (kantoiii sebab pakai Mebengtuyu to transfer to Al-Rajhi Bank)
15.  Izuan Halik from London,UK

Eh, macam kenal aja yang nombor 7 tu kannn? ---Err, No. 7 , 10 dan 15 tu adalah orang yang sama...baik hati & banyak duit. (Aminnnn.....) I must now ask you to stop, sebab kami2 dah naik segan amik derma you. But if you must insist on doing it again, sila gunakan nama Tom Daley, okeh?

Okay, mintak maaf kepada abang hensem (didalam imaginasi saya) yang berada di Europe yang dengan baik hati telah menderma via paypal tapi dah warning siap2 mintak jangan announce kat blog.

Okay, saya hormati permintaan abang ittew (walaupun ada potensi yang saya ni lebih tua..tapi tak pe...manja kan panggil abnag-abang ni?) dan truth be told, the initiative to name and shame..hahaha..is to show our gratitude and appreciation. As you can see, it has been months since this pledge started and yang baik hati baru ada 15 orang.

Dr Lurpak yang katanya mega stress tapi hari-hari masak lauk sedap2, offered to promote this cause to other famous blog. Please do..and thank you very much. Promote dalam pesbuk if you have hundreds of friends. We appreciate generosity.

My opis mate, si Andy Pandy malas mandi tu telah mendonate his 2 weeks worth of Costa Coffee, he pledge one coffee a day. Dia minum 3 kopi sehari dari kedai Costa tu. £2.30 a day for 10 days...thanks abg Andy :)

So, is there any of you out there nak pledge a teh tarik a day for us? Pls do.

How you can help? Senang. If you blog, then you can promote this initiative in your blog. Tell your readers why this is the cause they should consider helping. Because less people care. Let's just not think negative for now, ye lah...masyarakat ramai yang tak tahu. Many people still think is gila is penyakit carik sendiri. Then kalau you ada pesbuk, you kompang lah kat pesbuk you. In addition, kalau uols pandai macam Dr PHD kat Bristol tu, sila buat donation friendly punya link supaya set2 yang malas lagi tak tahu boleh terus klik-klik je. Ye lah..bab2 derma, memang orang payah sikit nak part dengan duit mereka tapi kalau website yang ada aksi-aksi triple x, takyah easy click, pandaiiiiii aje masing2 nak cari.

Words of mouth is a good mileage too. Pi cakap kat kawan2.  If your kawan ask, what lah this people what to do with my money? And, entah2 puak2 Help & Hope tu yang nak ambik untung. No. We need to raise the cash so that we can provide accommodation and centre for the rehabilitation. Then the users can sustain the project on their own. Gomen takde peruntukan untuk rumah2 halfway macam ni. Spital kerajaan dah tak cukup katil. What we do is we will provide rehabilitation program that is being actively use by the NHS, and we will train local people to work and get skilled. WE are doing this for FREE. Itu fardhu kifayah kitaorang (mana yang terlibat yang beragama Islam lah, yang putih2 nya buat sebab diorang suka)  This is solely a community project, meaning dari masyarakat untuk masyarakat. We are the masyarakat. Gituh.

Above, is the list produced by the Paypal. Mana yang nama nya takde dalam list tu, maknanya anda belum lah menderma lagi. Hiksss. 

Anda yang masih boleh memberikan sumbangan via paypal account dengan meng click link ini... sumbanglah seberapa yang mampu. 

Bagi yang rasa Paypal tu macam haram lah susah nya, ini adalah account yang dibuka di Bank Al-Rajhi cawangan Shah Alam dan account ini ditadbir oleh MSSRS N Nordin & Co. 

12300 1080416 690 Al Rajhi Bank

Mana yang dah transfer duit, terima kasih.

I think it is important that we reiterate the purpose of this project, is to help those with mental illness by providing provide short (respite) and long term accommodation for people with mental illness. This is not just accommodation to provide care but accommodation that accommodates people with mental illness as well as a training and rehabilitation centre. We will introduce a care plan that includes rehabilitation programs, person centred plans, path to independent, regain life and motor skills and further educational and vocational plan with the intention of reintroducing them into the community. 

This project is supported by FITRAH and donations generated through this pledge are only for the Muslim patient who are in need of this specific care.

Those yang dah derma, sila propaganda kengkawan yang lain derma jugak. Expand this. Mana yang keroje organisation besar2, sila pujuk rayu Boss uols untuk memberi sumbangan. 

Your smallest donation can make a big difference.

Sekian you alls.


DeLancrettLurpak said...

alah makji, malu taww I,bukannya bagi seribu dua pound pun, nasib baik org taktau nama sebenar I, padahal kalau google mmg terpacul namaku, haha

tapi kann? takkan la 5 org je derma? Biar betul? isk, kena promote lagi ni weyyy

Makji Esah said...

Doc Lurpark, at least awok yang student lagi terkenal dgn konsep kahis pagi, cukup sampai besok pagi..ada jugak laaa sedekah. Tapi tak apa..maybe promosi adalah kureng...

Reality nya, memang la as at hari ni, 5 orang aje org yang baik ati macam awok. Cepatlah heboh kann naaa...

Anonymous said...

Esah, dah click site help&hope care, takde pun ruangan untuk buat sumbangan via paypal...

Anonymous said...

btw feeling habis dengar lagur kak Gee!! ni zaman die belum kahwin dengan johan kan? he's quite a catch. muahahahaah gatal

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Yang nombor 8 tu bang eren ajis kerr?

Makji Esah said...

Dr Lurpak...kalau abg erennn, mak pampang besau2 sebab nak menunjuk punya pasal eh... :)

Desert Rose said...

Tenkiu from the bottom of my heart. Terharus tsk tsk. Meeting abng Josep esok.;)

edelweiss said...

insyallah mak aji...sesert rose baru hapdate i pasai benda nih.

pakmat said...

..ok, I will blog about it, next posting and I will hv it updated in my fb..and if I promised not to rant about the virtues of polygamy and other things on your wall, like asking you to put on a hijab, will you add me on pesbuk?..cheers..

Makji Esah said...

Ohh Pakmat, the predicament you are leading me to :)

First, really...i have nothing against men who has more than one wife. I think had I ever be in a marriage and stuck with one person day in day out, my way of reducing our tense of being sick of rach others company is to ask him to get another wife. My mother used to say, but not to me though that to teach a man a lesson, ask him to take on another wife, whatever she means by that i dont know.

Things abt the tudungs, being pious, fisabilillah and what have you...yes, i certainly don't mind but i certainly will not appreciate one to coerce me into covering my aurat along with threats. I can handle threats that says that my boobies will be lifted up to my head and being boil to the highest extent of scalding. But not when they drag my dad into it, ish...not on!

Pesbuk ah? I where got pesbuk Pakmat....

aking said...

nyah, dah promote dah tapi nok kabo skek, yang keluar bila attached blog mu ialah gambor yang ' Hari-Hari Ketat abang mau' apakah?*terus pakai burkinafaso


Makji Esah said...

Hahaha....ye ke? Maybe kena taruk gambar abg ketat melekat tu kot baru org tengok.

Izuan Kunang-Kunang said...

Esah oi, Izuan Halik tu pesan, udah-udah le letak nama dia. If dia ada rezeki lebih, dia bayor le lagi. Gituh le ceritanya.

Anonymous said...

I think ada yang buat contribution ke Al-Rajhi Bank tu. Maybe not updated kot the list. Should double check the latest contribution ke Al-Rajhi tu. Kalau ada Maybank akaun lagi senang org buat contribution. Even me myself kept putting it off sebab malas nak buat interbank transfer. But buatler jugak in the end. Lambat la sikit.