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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Now...I Was Wrong

Wokeh...I want to revisit that post I wrote about that rapist-bowler man. Well, blame the legal term we still have to call him a rapist. Yes, when you have sex with underage girl, you're a rapist...unless you're married to her.

While I don't think punishment is ever going to 'change' thing, punishment is there for a reason. To show others that certain thing is wrong and when you commit the 'wrong', you need to be taught a lesson or a reminder not to do thing that is 'wrong'.

What I didn't finished my previous rapist-bowler with is that I think the judge is being too 'lenient' to let him off jail sentence. The mitigation factor is acceptable. Yes, he has a promising future. He pleaded guilty. He didn't use force and the intercourse is consensual.

But he still had sex with a child. And that is a punishable offence. What the judge should have done was, yes...considering the mitigation factor, sentence can be reduced, say from 5 to 2 years. Still jail sentence so that others will see that the law is there to protect the child. Yes the girl maybe a horny child but she is still a child.

What we must not do is to judge and punish the rapist for making this mistake for the rest of his life. If we allow one rapist to get away, then there will be no point trying to get the other (rapist) punished.

So, is there anything we can do to stop a child from having sexual intercourse with another child? I am sure some of us have seen many 'raping' scene captured in 3g video. Both committing offender are in school uniforms.

Even they should be punished too. There's 'thing' you can't do as a child. Having sex is one of them. We can't be responsible nevermind know what responsible means.

Sometimes, its true when people say, we should pay for our mistake. Because the payment will then be a reminder for others and for us that same mistake must not be repeated again.

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Makcik Kerabu said...

it should be.. tapi bila kabel kebal. nak buat macam mana. kat dunia dia terlepas lom tentu kat sana. adalah masa dia. what goes around comes around

Anonymous said...

Simple. Bila dah baligh we are bound by what Allah SWT has ordained for us as adults.

Sabar je bila dah terlajak. Mudahan ALLAH SWT ampunkan kita dan bertambah elok jejak-jejak kita yang mendatang. Doa yang baik buat yang bersabar dan berusaha ke arah kebaikan. InsyaALLAH.


Makji Esah said...

MK, he is not 'terlepas'. For all we know, between him and his maker dua sudah diampun kan...yes he made mistake and he wasnt thinking that was a mistake at the committing time. This is like when you have a child who was caught stealing and repented. Yes, we should forgive the child but at the same time, kena gak dirotan sedas dua nak dibagi peringatan that stealing is a no and no.

HS, simple? What is?