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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One For The Independence

Janji ditepati.

In a way I rasa sesuai la slogan ni untuk orang-orang gomen...dan kita juga.

Bila kita membuat janji, dalam sepuluh...3 pun belum tentu akan ditepati lagi.

Lets put aside political differences here...walaupun the slogan is greatly influenced by the governing party.

Between us...we use words to bond. Dengan kengkawan, dgn pasangan, dgn makpak etc. Words is as good as promises although we dont always use the word 'promise'.

I have always wanted to be a good daughter,partner and friends. I sometimes made promises on this. I will try to keep my promise but sometimes I can't.

Under some circumstances, promises are hard to keep.Things can change.

I have lost count on promises that I made but I know I have kept a few. 

So lets just see if the people in this political party can keep theirs.

Errr...what actually are being promised by them? You know? Do tell :)

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Makcik Kerabu said...

so far setakat penelitian makcik yang tak berapa nak tinggi ini..janji di tepati kononnya lah kan.. bagi wang jer yang lebih. derma sana sini . kemudian at one stage..harga petrol naik..semua naik..end of story nyer nanti..tak boleh nak bagi subsidi lagi..then timbul lagi macam macam alasan. ehh..kita kat suka di beri gula gula..