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Monday, August 27, 2012

When You Might Be Right And I Might Be Wrong....

Ehh...banyak tul masalah sosiyyal kat Malaya tu kannn? Di UK ni pun apa kurang nya tapi disebabkan Malaya tu kan negara membangun maka macam2 benda pun sama membangun juga and cepatlah orang Malaya kena get use to it ye?

Dalam pada pak polisi dan Pak Menteri Polisi kata crime dah berkurangan, macam hari-hari pulak dengar orang kena rampok di shopping2 complex malam2.

Senang2, habis kerja duduk aje lah kat rumah ye, tuan tuan dan puan puan. Tapi duduk rumah pun macam tak selamat aje sebab kalau orang tak rampok kita tengah2 jalan, dia akan datang pulak pecah masuk rumah kita. Ayoyo...

Dulu masa saya kecik2, Appa saya adalah dalam seminggu 2,3 kali buat round rukun tetangga. Masa tu lah dia nak menayang collection kapak dan parang nya. I remember he is looking super excited about the rounds. Sekarang ni I think our rukun tetangga is done by the paid guard that speaks little Malay and half of the time dok tercongok aje. Well, how do you explain some houses still got broken into when armed guard is around? 100 bijik rumah satu guard ke? Ke guard tu hilang kerumah kekasihnya Sunarti kat area tu jugak dikala majikan nya takde dirumah buat Umrah?

I am sure you read about that young and randy national bowler. So many opinions I read are all about wanting his blood. Allow me to ask, what good will it brings by wanting him to be severely punished? So that every future young boys to ID'd every girls they want to have sex with?

Are we talking rape as it kidnap, drugged, pounced on and fully forced sex act?

I think the argument is he is slightly older than that girl and he should know better. If you can explain why men must rape instead of ask, then don't expect them to use their brain when they clearly have to.

I have sit in few court case then men got done for statutory rape. I must tell you when you're in the position of trust like doctors, lawyers, social workers (ehemm ehemmm) you got to hear the actual account of the story. You really have to dig into the deeper picture here. Do you punish someone for being a nuts? Of course to win your argument, you have to sell what is best and in this case is his, the 'rapist' promising future. From the source, the girl that was 'raped' statutorily is another state bowler. So they have known each other. But still your argument is the older should have known better.

So, can we excuse the 60 plus men who goes out with 17,18,19,20 yo girls? What were they thinking sexing up girls as young as their daughters and grand daughters? No, sometimes...we just don't think. Can we blame someone when at that one time, they don't think?

I don't condone rape. Men and women can be coerced, coaxed, cajoled and forced into having sex. One can say yes and no. The 12 year old equally horny and star struck unfortunately said yes to him. They were rumbled. He pleaded guilty. The girl even claimed the whole thing is consensual. So sending him to jail, for what?

Okaylah...picture this. No, imagine this. We came home to our bedroom and saw the neighbour's son naked on our bed on top of our daughter. Kantoi besar-besaran. The boy profusely apologise. Our daughter too. Ye lah, dah kantoi...mintak ampun lah kan. So we called the police, ye lah, anak kita dah kena boombang dgn anak orang sebelah. Anak orang sebelah tu apart from being on top of our daughter, is the best student in his class. No fault that we know of until this one. Yes, he is sorry. He is only 19 and anak pompuan kita tu 14 tahun yang as you can see, how getik it is budak pompuan 14 tahun jaman ni.

What do we do? Jail him so he cant 'rape' another? Made one mistake and lose everything and forever be remembered as a rapist?

Yes we are angry and we cant blame us. 'Raping' and got away with it and the 'victim' is a child. But if the stupid boy is our son, what do we do? Kill him and please the entire neighbourhood?

I am writing this in memory of Joe. A promising musician who was put on sex offenders list because he had sex with girl whom he met at gig, little that he realised she was only 14 and he was 20. He was jailed for 2 years and gets severely depressed and developed psychotic illness. I was working with him after he was discharged from the hospital and the whole time I was with him, he insisted that he never rape the girl and is sorry about it. The label child rapist finished him. He was a sweet sweet man. I am so glad that I saw him before he killed himself and told him that I know he is a good man and this stupid mistake shouldn't have happened.

So lets see this again. We are so passionate about making things right. We so want that justice is served and the wrong got done. We condemn the judge,the systems etc. selagi tak di jail budak Afizal mongok tu selagi tu kita tak senang ati. If only we have the same passion for the vulnerable and helpless people.

To this day, I still think about Baizura at PPUKM psychiatric ward, the Indian and the Chinese boy who is looking so lost when me and Desert Rose visited the ward. If only we are so passionate to fight for them to get better treatment.

Pesanan untuk diri saya sendiri....bersabar lah. Good things will come to those who wait.

This posting is based on what I read and understand about the rapist case. If you disagree, then it is your opinion. Let's just don't argue. We are very different people after all. You will not necessarily like what I like.

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Cik Kiah said...

One rapist did get away bec dia ensem n bertobat gila2. Plus he's romantic to boot. I.e. SethTan dlm drama NoraElena. Dia rape tp umur >16 rasanya.
Bersiaran dari toilet lg ka?

Makji Esah said...

Takk...betsiaran dari couch sambil ngok Corrie? Rape dlm drama? Of course le lepas sebab script kata lepas. Rape sula sama suka ke, rape tarik masuk bilik/semak etc? Kalau yg mcm itu, bertaubat ah sambil dijail 20 tahun dan kena sebat.

Makcik Kerabu said...

Bab rape nih..huhh..susah nar nak komen. minta di jauh dan di lindungi dari terjadi pada anak cucu dan kaum keluarga kita.