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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Happy Endings...

JT is in London this week and he thought he should give me a call, katanya. He said he's been busy (macam la aku tanya) and that's why he hasn't been in touch. Nothing at all mentioned about macam mana aku hamun maki dia tau, Kiah. Well, talk about men and their ability to omit crucial information.

Sebab I pun mega busy..I tak la berjanji manis nak jumpa dia bagai. We sort of communicating via text messages because I am constantly being sent to work in the clinic yang ada life support machine tu, so penggunaan henpon adalah dilarang. But because I am so caught up with my own little problem and I need a getaway, I said to him that this is the day I'll be in Central London too...and if he is free, I'll buy him coffee. He said laa...I can afford coffee la. Hati I kata, masih lagi nak berhati besar tu, nak jugak lah I cakap, I don't intend to insult your student status hence offering to pay for coffee...but I think, lately I have sum up that perangai orang Educated ni rata-rata nya serupa saja. They don't even make sense sometimes, makes you wonder adakah kepandaian mu menyebabkan mu jadik biol?

I don't have many friends working in Education. Kalau ada pun these are people that I've known since school yang sungguh bijaksana that not even their PHD dented their brain and made them different. I have all the trust in Kiah to remain normal after getting her extra title soon.

So yesterday with an hour to spare, me and JT agreed to meet at Cafe Nero yang famous tu. He had suggested Msian Hall, and I said NO. But I told him, if dia nak gi sangat he should go there first and jumpa I later. To my surprise, dia yang sampai dulu kat Cafe Nero tu, with my cappucino. Keen lah pulak kan, Kiah?

This time, he asked a lot about me. Apart from things I don't really want people to know about me, I answered all his questions. He said that I put on weight (and that is so rich coming from him) and I cakap, oh I've been backward and forward to KL since last year, so I had plenty of saturated fat intake. But of course lah kan..that remark buat aku rasa nak baling je kopi kat muka dia. I think back on how polite I have been to him never once I cakap pasal perubahan structure badan dia yang lebih dari biasa since I last saw him. And there he was, saying how I put on weight when I am still wearing size 12, like I always have 20 yrs ago. Ciss itu jantan.

Disebabkan remark nya tu, terbantut tau I nak makan carrot cake. Tu lah...talking about a woman being so vain at the most vulnerable situation. Then I ask him, so you dah officially single ke? Tu hari kan berebut pasu dengan your wife?

JT said he's been single for 6 months already. And he insist that the divorce is amicable. I tanya, how come? From what I remember you are not having any of her demand, this lah that lah...macam-macam hal masa tu. JT said thanks to me he see sense.

JT - I shouldn't have married her in the first place because I know it will be for wrong reasons, but I thought I can change me and forget about my past.Things kind of make sense and feels right at that time.

ME - So your realisation solved your problem then?

JT- No, it became the reason of all the altercations. The last summer holiday, I went and see her. Just like what you said, she was in the dark and shock. I told her how I feel and why I want to end the marriage. Rather than telling her this is not working out, I told her the truth that I am not in love with her anymore and prolonging the marriage is only going to make the feelings bad.

ME- She said?

JT- Well, she asked what have her done wrong so and so. You know lah...

ME- You tell her the truth in the end?

JT- It hurts her but it does help. I said to her that I'm not liking this either but I can't save the marriage if I don't feel anything anymore. She agreed. And I told her that I'm sorry that this happened. I went to see her family too...they were very hostile but I just need to say what needed to be said. She cried when we were doing the Mahkamah thing but she accepted that this is over.

ME- You feel good?

JT- I'm friends with her and we got on alright. I like to think I have helped her through it.

ME- Your pasu?

JT- I asked her to look after my house when I'm here. When I'm back she will be financially secured to get her own place. It is easy now that we communicate better than before.

ME- Tu laaa, kan I dah cakap..jangan buat jahat dengan orang. I'm glad you feel better.

JT- Hahh..now I dah bujang,...

ME- And I'm not...dah lah kau.

Habis. Still not happy about the weight remark though.


aking said...

ermmmmmmmmm put on weight tu mak tak berani nak komeng, sbb kekgi no more tiket airasiah utk aku, oleh itu mu napok kuruh**tetibe** hahahaha.

ColourfulSock said...

Carrot cake ti tak patut di bantutkan!!! Ish rugi! JT nie Jantan Tarakguna or Jantan Terlanjut?

Lurpak said...

hope that I remain normal like Cik Kiah.. Tapi Cik Kiah ada double, lagi ganas sehhh...