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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shut Up and Let Me Drive...

Makji Esah & Baby Sam Yang Dah Semakin Mengada-Ngada

Current location, Alton - Hampshire. How did I get to the meeting today? I didn't get enough sleep, so I slept through my mobile phone alarm.By the time my eyes really opened, dah pukul 7.30am. I was so late!!! I should be at the train station by 8.00am, knowing that the morning rush,I planned my journey early.I must be on that platform 9 Clapham Junction by 8.30am. How to be at Clapham Junction at 8.30am when 7.30am still tak mandi?

My boss have this thing about punctuality.I have always tried to be early.9 out of 10 I succeeded so I am still in her good book.Having left with no other choice, I have to pinjam MB's car. Ni yang leceh ni. When I was summoned to Croydon recently, I borrowed her car and my boss, thinking that the car is mine, thought that the company must have been paying me mint. 'Eh, bukan kereta I laa....I takde kereta, I ada Oyster Card aje'.

I remember when I first pick Capt Lukman up driving MB's car. 'Amboiii..Makji, kereta khelasss githooo'.Sorry dik, bukan kereta I.

I arrived Hampshire on time and nah!!! The entire meeting attendee's saw me driving the car. And it's me have to do the 'bukan kereta I laaa' over again.

Okay....what's with the community and car? Especially kereta-kereta yang berbangsa taknak kalah macam kereta MB ni?

When MB bought the car, although much to my dismay, I can foresee habislah kita nanti kena pandang Mat Mat Pak* yang berkereta bagak-bagak.Talking about men and their machine.My idea about Asians boys in their mean machine is always...ye la, korang boley la beli kereta memahal,dah tua bagak masih dok menumpang rumah makbapak, 3 bedroomed house populated my atuk nenek, amma, appa, anne, akka....and sewa tak yah bayar.So, bolehlah kau beli BM,Merce,Jag ke dengan sonang baitu kan?

I got lots and lots of stare from the bangang onlookers.Kalau pandang I takpelah jugak...ni pandang kereta, pastu pandang I and pastu pandang kereta balik.Wah..tak chantekk ke I ni?

Our meeting was supposed to start at 10am but the 1st 15 minutes, I pulak kena buat presentation on how good it is to drive that car.Aiyaa...6 gear meh? Is it all automatic? How is the petrol consumption? Got immobilliser?

Aiyooo....don't ask me that.When come to a car, I'm just a pure woman who just syaddap and drive, drive,drive!!!! (Plus kena pastikan minyak sentiasa cukup)

I am so certain that when I was living in KL, I was a victim of the criminal mechanic.Ni kena tukar, tu kena tukar....

Having men around (I'm talking father, brother and car mad male cousins) pun takleh pakai juga. They are very sensitive with the tinniest sound and mulalah start panic.Macam kereta tu nak mati masa-masa tu jugak.Sometimes, do you not just wish men share same attitude to their car (being neurotically observant) as to you? Jangan harap la....

MB was driving a mini...that suites her (really) and less pretentious. The only problem was nak hangkut barang. I remember picking up Abg Dale from his relatives house in Bayswater and as my kaki pun panjang, I had to sit like that David Schwimmer giraffe in that movie Madagascar.That incident is enough indication for her to look for another machine.But MB, in our years of friendship....masih tak mau kalah, walaupun kadang-kadang poket dah parah!!!

Beli kereta kat UK bukan macam beli kereta kat Pusat Edaran Proton yang macam puaka tu. The salesman will encourage you to fabricate your payslips and formed a very unhealthy relationship with the local bank.The local bank (in Malaysia) loves debtors, whereas in the UK, they try to minimise the possibility of one growing into one.

What I still cannot fathom, people still buy car after clearly knowing that they are paying for the price of two.Car dealer will give you the bank brochure (do not let me start on pinjaman al Wadiah..al-al all that al yang penipu penyangak tu)

But what is my point? I don't have a point. I'm just moaning.I have to go to Colchester tomorrow and will soon find out how Essex people say about the car.


Lee Novotny said...

you know what they say about Essex girls...hiks....

captlukman said...

hayoooooo nama adik pung masuk kah, coz adik naik kete macha je kat doha ni kak non.....lagi best naik BUS je nak gi keje.hahahahahha

anyway kat doha, most of pak arab kete cantik2 , besar2 n kaya, merc, bm, jag, ferari pun ado tapi bwk cam bawak unta line tak pakai. Anyhow manusia biasalah tak leh tgk org ada kete lebey skit kan........

so enjoy driving there...... n thanks to MB sebab sudi bagi adik naik...**malunya ana**. muacks!!

Anonymous said...

u know what they say about bangsa tamo kalah ittew!!


:: cheezzy cheese :: said...

psstttt Makji.. kete MB ittew kete Bentley kaa? wowWWWieeee!

Manal said...

Off the topic: Will Young takde new song ker?

Sapa kah di belakang blotched white rectangle-shape sebelah baby sam iteeww? The one yg drive keta yg ala2 tu ka?

Teringat gagaks, southall as*ans and pak*s keta mcm nak rak berdegar2 sound system depa. Selagi tak kuwat, selagi tak cool...

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Hjh Leemah...What they say abt Essex Girls/Boys...gatal kan?

Doha punya bus dua tingkat ke Lokmang?

What do they say abt them, BM?

Ehh..takdelah Yanz...Bentley tu keta David Beckham

Manal...ada, almost 2 years ago kuar lagu baru..nanti aku load.
Kan..depa-depa tu harusss lah nak tayang harta mak bapak...mcm dia sorang aje lah ada sub woofer dalam donia ni...

JoKontan said...

Mokji 'soh,

Anok2 askar nii normally-nya-laa-kan takdork masaalah pasal time-time nii.

Sokmo on time and punctual.

Yer dork ? Me and Madam Ooody included.