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Monday, January 07, 2008

I Tell You What I Want, What I Really,Really Want

It's my birthday today. I want to take a day off work and I will, soon. I shall leave the opis by 11am and dissapear terus tomorrow. But I have a very important meeting on Wednesday and I need to get my report ready.Definitely I will be working from home today. So kesimpulannya, memang takde makna lah nak ambik chotti pun hari ni...

Thank you for all the wishes, jauh dekat...dalam shout box, dalam mobile phone and dalam blog. Me getting older only bothers my father (and maybe, mother too) At this age, I should have laki and anak. What can I say, Raja Nazrin picked that Wan Zaleha like for a wife...the kaya, mostly good looking and macho man are taken however still available if I am willing to play their 'kayu' game. Tak kuasa kan? BTW, kesian kan, Wan Zaleha dicopet begituk skalik!!!!

Normally on my birthday, the birthday wish that I await the most is from my father. There's a story behind it. My father remember all his children date of birth. Nasib baik anak tak 20 orang kan...he knows whose born in January to December. He is very good with that thing. He diarised it. However, he has the habit of mixing the dates. Couple of years ago, he called one of my sisters on this date, wishing her 'Happy Birthday'. Her certainly got the date right but unfortunately, wrong child. He called my brother on my mom's birthday. Being his docile children, we never pointed out this mistakes to him....respect punya pasal, plus my father doen not take critisism from his own child gracefully.Respect, respect pun we sure mengumpat about him when we meet up and bergelak-gelakan HA HA HA!!!!

I honestly thought that by now, my parents sure is tired with worry. Sudah-sudah la...if I may say.But who can blame them? I think, to put my parents mind at rest,I need to tell them worried sick parents that it is a blessing that anak dia nan sorang ni tak beranak and tak berlaki until now. By not having any of those....

Maka tak kan adalah anak-anak or laki terbiar tak dibagi makan....I don't feed myself well, constipated even all motion inside my usus besar dah calcified into stone. Let it be me who suffer.

Maka tak kan adalah anak-anak yang lebam pipinya ditampar oleh mak yang takde perikemanusiaan. Ingat...kalau mak nak tidur, mak misti tidur. Mak tak kuasa nak menjaga anak-anak yang tak reti tidur malam pastu menangis sorang diri dalam baby cot mintak didukung. Pigi dah!!! (Kejam kan?)

Maka tak kan adalah laki yang akan bercakap dengan dinding or worse still, didn't realise yang dia tu berbini, because ada bini pun macam takde.

After all this years, I am not anywhere near a marriage material.I wish I can tell my relatives a.k.a. agency cari jodoh tak bergaji that.

The only thing that bothers me after reaching this age is that, I still find it difficult to compromise. I'm too set in my own ways that nothing can make me see otherwise unless I'm willing to.

My partner bought me a marvellous gift, enough to make me menangis terharu. Tapi, sik da lah kamek nak ghun-ghun serabak kedak mati laki ya..nak Lizs, Stephen? I have been trying all sort to get it and tak dapat-dapat.What F did was to ask me to clear my diary on the 8th and make sure that I'm not working after 5pm.We were not talking at that time (macam celaka, lepas Xmas gaduh besar!!!) I said the most horrible thing after we argue...'Fu*k off my life for good'. Boleh kau?

When I was given the present last Saturday, I feel so terharu (but still takdelah nak keluar ayaq mata ke hapa) Someone actually notice my plight and dalam diam-diam, made arangement to get something that I'm certain,cost a bomb.

What I really,really want is to be a nicer person and a loving partner. Life together can be tricky especially for someone who is not use to all this 'togetherness'.Wish me luck.

***Tapi kan, orang ittew boleh warning I siap-siap, katanya kalau I buat perangai macam budak 9 tahun kat O2 Arena tu, dia akan tarik I balik rumah serta-merta!!! Macam mana hati ku tak sakit?***


Manal said...

Woman, u so lucky (like that anuar zain song) u got such a considerate man who loves u to bits, warts and all, who sees u more than your tongue lashing words, who never lost his thoughts on u, who would put aside his perhaps bruised ego and knows that u r actually one loving woman deep inside.

Enjoy your O2 Arena moments!

No more bleeding love for now, awight?

Lee Novotny said...

Korang nih tak abes abes gado gado... tapi macam air dicincang takkan putus lain kalau air ittew ialah air batu...**matilaa meroyan!

Have a nice time uols!!! Kim salam kat mel B nah?? :P

the ectopy said...

happy birthday! what did he get youuuuu?
- si kaki sebok

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Ish ish! Kalu ngan jantan aku rasa dah lama dia bertempiaran lari meninggalkan bulu siamangnya saja Esah! Udah2 le buat perangai tu, dah tua!!

Typhoon Sue said...

appy besday makji! sori takde duit nak beli presen bagi kat u. i hantar flying kiss je lah ye, cepat tangkap! Mmmuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh!

mama's girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I guling2 baca your blog. one of the few i look forward to everyday.

Dua tiga kucing belari
Mana nak sama sikucing belang
Apa kisah berlaki or sendiri
Asalkan kita senang and tak nyusah orang.. :)

Lee Novotny said...

Hah kau dah kenapa Esah??? Malam tadi uols call me, yang mak dengor sora Spice Girls dok melalak (oopss..menyanayi LIVE)..."Stop right now, thank you very much..I need somebody with the human touch..." hiks! :)

So happy to get that call anyway walaupun tak dengor pun sora uols!!! :P

Jen said...

Hi Honey,

This msg has no Fat,
No Cholesterol and no Addictive,
This is all natural except,
With a lot of Sugar.
But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it.
“Happy Birthday 2U Honey”

By the way, what did u get from ur other half la???

LadyKuween said...

Happy Besday, Makji....
Wish u all the happiness and all the best to u...

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ye lah tu manal...I'm the lucky one...well if only. I sure did enjoy my 02 moment...

Oh Mel B ittew, kemain lagi menyondal nya Hjh Leemah oiii...dok main whip githoo

Ectopy, what did I get? I got what I want, what I really, really want laa..

Podah la hang, Kiah!!! Kau tu pakkal dah beranak, kalau tak sama je lah mcm aku.

Muahsssss too, Sue, pastu simpan dlm poket, bley?

Itu betolllllllllll...Mama's Girl

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Leemah oii..mmg saja lah nak call uols time Stop right now tengkiu very much tu..nak tayang la kita tgh beramahs mesra dgn gadis-gadis berempah tu, keji tak? Jgn kata uols, Makji Eton and MB's telah ku sakat jua...

Jen..I got what I want..what I really, really want..hehehe

Thanks LadyKuween....

- guile - said...

sorry la lambat wish. happy belated b'day gal. may your dreams come true. take care always.