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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Train chat & Terrorism

On my way to Worthing (somewhere in Sussex) on a train (to be precise) opposite us, sat quietly this middle aged man with his book. I really have this very special respect for those who find reading on a moving vehicle bearable.Reading itself (for me) it's like massive hardwork.I can only tolerate Gossip column..or maybe some really,really interesting piece.Reading on a bus, train or any kind of public transport is a huge effort.Maybe not for those who are born to read.

Back to this man.Our seat are sidely facing each other, and I can always see who is he sitting with.Me and my usual self, doing my usual routine.Ignoring every soul on a train, including the one I'm travelling with (sorry babe!) Enjoying the scenic route.Battersea Dog Home..

Suddenly, I heard this husky voice with a very strong essence of Arab loudly accosting this bookreading man and I could swear that the tone of his voice had vibrated my ear wax.'Is this train going to East Croydon?' I can't hear the reading man talking back but he must have answered him and that loud man helped his bum landing itself on a seat opposite that reading man.

The not-so-arab-looking man start chatting away, telling this reading man that he is on his way to see his grandaughter in Croydon..blah..blah..blah..start writing a card for her and at the same time moaned about how expensive the card had cost him.Erkk!!

He proudly announced to that reading man (and to us too) that he is writing half of the content in Arab language.This reading man politely replied that he thought the writing looks chinese and asked that loud Arab man if chinese letters and arab looks similar. To my annoyance, Arab man replied 'Oh no..Chinese only goes upside down, like this and this (he puppeted the handwritting with his hand going up and down) and arab's writing is much more nicer.Yeah,yeah..

Arab man also told his reading guy that his name is 'Bush'.What now ? They went on laughing..and I heard he said 'Oh..I had that name even before Bush and his father was born'.Whatever.

After that he went ' Oh..I don't like him killing muslim people.His bad.I'm a muslim.A good one not the fanatic one,but killing people is bad.Is in the Quran that you're not suppose to kill people.Muslim or not Muslim'.

This time, my other half looked at me and smile.I know what that mean.I looked at that Arab man.I wonder if there's a slight wonder in his dick-sized brain..if in Quran, killing people is forbidden, why was that 4 Muslim man, decided that..on the name of Allah and Quran, bombing the tube and killing 52 innocent soul is okay.

In theory, this 4 'self-professed martyr' Muslim that voluntarily perished themselves and the other innocent and the 'Kaffir' Bush, is no difference is it ? The lesser of two evils.


IsMa said...

Hi its nice to know that you knew that in Quran, killing other living things is prohibit. But i need to know have u ever read the Quran or understanding the meaning of it. Until that dont make comments and putting the muslim and the Kaffir Bush at the same level...Ok..bye..

IsMa said...

Hi..whoever you are. How is it overthere?Anyway i read the blogs and it seems to me that you dont really understood Islam..am i rite or wrong? First of all the arab guy maybe over a lil bit but you should not put the Kafir Bush and a muslim at the same level,rite? But anyway i just have nothing so messing up a lil bit here.Bye.

Han said...

Good question there.Have I or have I not ? Let's put it simply..I don't say much unless I know much about.