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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eff it!!! I'm not going to work today

There's a day where you just had enough of everything...you see, I mean EVERYTHING!!! Every damn little thing that is just pissing you of completely.And that is today.So, after barely 3 hours stepping into office, had a bit of chat and chat with my boss (usual supervision session), send her to the door, wave goodbye (I'll call you soon when I'm about to end my life!) and that's it! I've got to do something..something that can put my mind at ease.I gathered my troop (2 of them today) did a bit of gossipping about HQ stuff..and after 15 minutes, hey guys..do you mind if I take off ? Really tak larat (in English..tired to an absolute maximum) They just said..okay boss,you look like shit anyway..(ftttt!!) you better go, boss.Ah, that is therapeutic! So, at 2.00 pm, I left the office, with a big smile...straight home.

I guess in life, we sometimes get caught up in Mike Baldwin's moment (those who watch Coronation Street, might be a good idea to pause and think of poor alzheimer-stricken Mr.Women Knickers Expert Baldwin) Yeah, we forgets everything, who we were, what we do, when was the last time we feel really happy and what not. The last time I was happy ? Probably last weekend when I did a full London Marathon - sleeping competition. I slept and slept and I even dreamt of the tired feeling of sleeping too much.Core.That made me happy.The long sleep it is. That is something to think about..people keep saying that sleeping too much can make you depressed.I said that too and of course, I said that to my lot just to keep them out of bed.But the reality is for me now is that long sleeps is really therapeutic.You should try it.

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