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Monday, April 10, 2006

Raja Bahrin, Jacqueline, Iddin & Shahirah..Their Love And Other Catastrophes



It's everywhere in Australian and Malaysian newspapers.If I'm not mistaken, it came out on the Sky News too.How famous.Raja Bahrin (aka 'The Snatcher' by Australian press) has repeatedly asked the journalists (Mama Juwie and the angkatan sewaktu dengannya not included) to leave them alone.In the latest news that I just read 10 minutes ago,the pressure from the press has now affecting his father's health...I wonder if the press think that hounding this poor old man can be a good scoop.

Well, for those who tak tahu, this incident of snatching 2 beautiful young children was sooo infamous 14 years ago.I was 19 at that time and the story about Raja Bahrin 'menyelami lautan api' (or braving the sea of fire..hehehe) to kidnap his own children to stop their mummy to 'un islam' them had raised many eyebrows...and other brows too.To all Pak Haji's and Mak Haji's community, I'm sure Raja Bahrin won the utmost applaud for doing this right thing.All I can do 14 years ago is to just read the papers crucifying Jacqueline Pascarl-Gillespie or as I may address her simply JPG, who is a half Malaysian herself. (She's a daughter of an Australian woman and a Chinese fella from Penang)

Raja Bahrin himself is a man with some 'reputation'.But people do change.I'm very fortunate to have read 'Once I Was A Princess' written by JPG that was banned in Malaysia.To my surprised, I believed her.Really I do.All this years, I've been hoping that all 3 of them will be reunited.Whatever ways.Raja Bahrin is using the most omnipotent excuse.Well, as a muslim myself, I shall agree with him.But,they way I saw it is more too spite JPG off for leaving him.The rest is history.

This is what you called love.JPG have loved Raja Bahrin.Raja Bahrin at that time cannot lose face being defeated by JPG.And because of that, he earned that short time heroic publicity.Good for him.I was close to vomit when read 'Oh,I promised their mother that they will be reunited one day'.Promise my foot.

If I am Raja Bahrin (it's my fault though that JPG left me because I 'kahwin lain') what I will do is, okay..travel back 14 to 15 years back..Like this, Yas.Okay, I married another woman.What the hell..because I can.I'm a muslim man and the most important thing..I 'anak Raja'.You can't take it, too bad lah.Let's come to an understanding..you can have them. As long as you make sure that they remain muslim and I can have access anytime I like.Because, I can afford the flight, because I anak Raja.Easy ? If that were me.

* Anak Raja - Son of a king.

I also learnt that JPG has now remarries.Some Cocaris guy (ishh..nama macam lipas) I can only imagine that the stress has taken its toll on her marriage to that Gillespie man.

It may look like I'm taking JPG side rather than Raja Bahrin.The fact is, I don't really care.What I do care is the children.The first few years without mummy must be a murder.Especially for Raja Shahirah.

What I have learnt from this 'once triangle now squared' saga or 'The Recalcitrance Of The Two Ex's' is patience.Sabar itu paling penting, quote Wan Zaleha Radzi.JPG's patience.Patience will pays..and the reward, even after 14 years is therapeutic.Better than EuroMillion Rollover.


Anonymous said...

I've read recently the sad story of Jacqueline and her children... nothing to say, it's just another instance that men may be more cruels than animals.
no words to comment, just hope in a better future for a destroyed family and little happiness for a woman who paied a lot for having loved the wrong person

Anonymous said...

Once I was a Princess (1995)

The Raja Bahrin Story : A father's dramatic rescue mission (1997)

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read blogs like this. By the way add more pics :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there I have also read the book sinec I was a princes myself and I have also meet the friend that Jacqueline's stolen dughter shahira never had the chance to grow up with her name is Vanessa and she misses her long lost friend shahira a lot Vanessa and her husband Michael are well known to my dad and I and shahira is not a princes without a friend in her Life she more of Lost cause!