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Friday, April 28, 2006

Office, Paris & The Apprentice

INSET - My Favourite Karen Bremner Bits From The Apprentice , She Shouldn't Have Got The Sacked !!!

Bottom Pic - Versailles 'Alamak Besarnya' Garden - Free Entrance

Greetings humanoids!!! I have not been around the blog for a while. I missed me. The 'wannabe creative writer' me. I was in 2 difficult locations in my life. Office and Paris. The belle de la France is still the same. Still preserved in the same way, only this time, less 'tahi anjing'. I guessed that the old attitude of the dog walker to happily let their dogs fouling every path they walked on, have moved on. Good for them. Speaking of moving on, Mohamad Al Fayed at long last decided to do the same. It’s in newspapers in France (not that I know how to read it) that he finally sold the apartment that contained the last memory of his late son. He preserved every bit and bob in it, including the indigestion pills and the tiny bits of Dodi’s loafer’s tassels that dropped on the floor. He had kept it all. Poor old rich man. Memory is too much perhaps for him to keep clinging on. Maybe for a bit of profit reason, at least.

Syed Ahmed got sacked in the end after clinging on to his lies defence for so long. Sir Alan Sugar looks hesitance. His 2 aides are more than willing to give Syed the boot themselves. It’s like sacking Jo Cameron again.

Honestly, I’m not very keen at all on Syed. I’m sure not very many of us are. He may possessed all the criteria in your ‘I don’t like this kind of people’ list. Arrogance, to name a few. My partner finds him interesting and was very sad that he got sacked by Sir Alan. Having watching the boardroom drama, I agreed that it is a tough competition. Ruth is too precious to let go for now. Syed is just too risky for his business. It’s a good thing that he didn’t get the job with Sir Alan. He has built the reputation of ‘lie-to-survive’ in a national television. People will now think twice to do business with him. All porkies!

But on the other hand, besides his many ‘attributes’, he is this one of a different kind of person that in a way, very unique. Better than the ‘2 head snake’ Tuan Le and Miss Moan-To-The-Max Sharon.

Laconically, when many of us are more than happy to judge this obstinate and obtrusive self made millionaire (he claims that he build a 13 millions business), Syed Ahmed is very unique in his own way. The life he had made the man he is. And one good thing that emerged from his many arrogance talks is that he learned a lot and want to keep on learning. I don’t think this is arrogance.

So, who do you think will win? I secretly hope is Ansell.

* Tahi Anjing - dog poo


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