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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wan Zaleha

I must say....this Wan Leha is a cat. She is not in any way...that beautiful woman on the telly men used to drool over.

I name one of the kittens Wan Zaleha, much to Kiah dismay..sebab katanya, kucing tu akan ngikut namesake nya. Wan Leha the cat, indeed kurus and sedikit backward. Kiah wanted me to rename her Adibah Noor. Ishh..kosser. Takpelah..kuruih kering pun takpelah.  But she has the most beautiful stripe compared to other tabby.

Wan Leha died on Tuesday morning. I found her in such a state on Sunday...a state where she look like she has stricken by stroke. Opf kos, my CAT 999 is Kiah. Kiah dgn rakus nya menggoogle segala VET berdekatan yang bukak dihari minggu.

I took comfort that I have given her a good life until the day they found her dead. She is now somewhere underneath UPM (kalau ikut janji UPM yang nak kebumi kan dia lah kann)

I cried since the day I found her sick. Really sick. Even the day after she died when Kiah called to checked on me (dia kata..tapi I tahu, Kiah tu sebenarnya nak check if I am fit enough to look after cats) I still cried.

Why? Wan Leha is only little, weak and considering I spent more time with her mother yang needy cam tah hapa-hapa...how can I be so sad?

I came back to KL....with an empty heart. I had wanted to forget everything about coming back but I have good friends who always believe and supported me.

The cats came just in time to keep me occupied..to devote my time to. With 7 of them, we entered the big house. The cats was the one who keep me company..day and night.

I am sad because, she didn't make it together with all of us...Asmah, Doc, Alfie, Lulu, Shanana and Andy. All them are very significant to me.

Wan Leha was such a good kitten..til the day she died. I held her like I held a baby...she wet herself on me several times but it didn't matter.

I took her to see Kiah, Little D and Baby X. I told Kiah...how dalam lemah2 si Wan Leha tu...she jumped off her bedungan on my lap to the rubber mat on that passenger seat...and peed. She don't want to be a nuisance and kotorkan kereta Opah nya.

She was so strong on her final day...I thought she is going to make it though her Xray report is saying otherwise.

I was horrible to a cat once many, many years ago. If I had to decide to put Wan Leha to sleep, I think I will have that decision hanging over and hound me forever.

But Wan Leha, like I say....is a very good cat. She went voluntarily.

I am sure, she is thankful to Opah who saves her and her family...

She is thankful to Mak Ngah Kimora yang rajin melayan...

And to Uncle Luke Skywalker..who took her in his car for her final journey.

I will remember Wan Leha....for as long as I can remember her :)

Bye bye sayang.....


ummisara said...

:( sedih i.

i tak suka kucing years ago tp adh 2 tahun nih i sangat sayang kucing....
kiki entah kemana, Lou-C menghilang angkara org dengki dan sekarang kasih sayang i curah pada ABI kucing jantan yang hensem itew.

berita bab bab kucing mati, penderaan kucing sangatlah menyiksa jiwa raga i.

semoga Wan Leha happy di sana. Opah Wan Leha....tuh ada lagi 6 ekor perlukan perhatian u heheh

Cik Kiah said...

Yes...7 cats n yet none of them are named after me..

Akanku ungkit sampai bertahun2...