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Friday, June 22, 2012

Takde Tajuk, Tapi Posting Ini Adalah Sedikit Emosi

Okeh...takde orang hantar email tanya soklan mengenai sakit mental tapi disebabkan saya buhsan duduk berguling atas katil tanpa pergerakan fizikal maka saya gagahkan otak saya untuk memikirkan masalah yang saya rasa sangat active dalam masyarakat Melayu & Malaysia ---kat sini ada gak masalah ni, but orang nya sangat forgiving.

Saya kenal dua orang jantan gagah yang pernah berbinikan orang yang mengalami sakit mental. It seems like their marriage is broken down by it. Nasib orang perempuan, kan? Tak berfungsi sikit aje, terus terbuka luas pintu pagar lakinya untuk ditamatkan khidmat.

Tapi, jarang pulak dengar perempuan yang berlakikan pesakit mental boleh melepas tangan cam tu aje. Kalau dapat lepas pun...it is either pompuan tu dah mati kena bunuh dek lakinya or adalah benda criminal yang terjadi dan lakinya masuk penjara maka the inevitable happened. But siaplah pompuan tu akan kena kutuk dek family lakinya....isk.

Some years ago, we read about the geologist who killed his wife. I followed the case closely, one being they're my aunt's neighbour. I remember my aunt telling my mom how the anak is kecik-kecik lagi...kesiannn etc. The geologist was sent for further observations and acquitted based on diminished responsibility. He was recently pardoned and sent to live with his dad in the east coast state. The moment he is a free man, the first thing he did was to file a court case against his father in law, for the right to manage the harta, that he and the late wife had together.

Because he is a man, he is spared the horrible insinuation. Dont get me wrong, I am not here to judge him. I cannot begin to imagine how he lives his life now, knowing that he killed his wife, being robbed of his perfect life due to his illness and having to live with the fact that his children are motherless because of him.

I am writing this because for some reason, I think had he been a she who killed him, she will forever be remembered as the gila one who did everything heinous. Plus, if she start proceeding to reclaim their harta pencarian, can you imagine the stick she might get?

Stigmatism is the main hindrance for people with mental illness to out themselves. I guess in Malaysia,one thing I may want to consider is to understand why people think it is so bad to get mental illness and to have one.

Whilst the media is happy to report the crime, tanggungjawab nak membetulkan anggapan orang takde pulak mereka nak buat, kan?

Between us, how many of you will go and befriend a mentally unstable person? The sight of them may scare you, not mentioning the immediate thought you have on them reaching out for parang decapitating your head or maim our fingers.

Voices that people hear are often ridiculed. Okay lah, spare the mentally ill problems, what about those with HIV positive? The words AIDS is enough to make you run. Not many that one to sit down and understand.

Everytime I balik Malaysia, I will make time to visit this girl who her family like to call 'sakit jiwa'. Like any other mentally ill person, she is her family best kept secret. She was deprived of lots of things, of course she don't always know what she is missing as she was never expose to any. Deep down, she is very lonely. Her face lit up when we talk. She kept all my postcards. Since I come to London, I make a point to write to her because I do not want her to think that she has no friends.

She always tell me about the voices she hears, and of course I love to hear it with a strange delights. It hurts my feeling when she told me what she overhears her parents tells her other family members about her.

Of course, she has had her fair share of bad days, like we all are and you know what, she is forever judged for it.

For a society who implore so much that we live like a proper Muslims, mencari pahala begantang-gantang, tak habis-habis berdakwah macam semua manusia hidup dalam dosa, we forgot smallest things like how important it is not to upset people. We forgot that there is people out there that don't have many things to look forward to in life but can just be happy if you just humour the stupidest thing they can think of.

Malam2 macam ni, teruslah mode insaf keluar, kan?

Psst...my aunt's neighbour is called Faizah. She is indeed a lovely lady that happened to be destined to have ending like that. She smiles a lot. Al fatihah.

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Noir Hussen said...

I'm with you on that stigmatism issue. I have a second cousin who suffers Schizophrenia and is shun by family members, dekat or jauh. so pitiful.

You can't be more right about people forgetting the smallest things. I guess I am at times guilty of that too!

Have a great weekend Makji.

Makcik Kerabu said...

selalu terfikir kenapa ianya terjadi. kenal rapat dengan orang yang sebegini dan di abai kan. tapi orang sebegini sebenarnya sangat mulia di sisi allah. ALfatihah to those yang istimewa yang telah pergi meninggal kan kita.

Makji Esah said...

Noir, sometimes things that we taken so lightly happens to be the most vital things in life, kan?

Makcik, kenapa? Too scared to learn the truth. That is why.