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Monday, June 11, 2012

Relationship Status.....Macam Biasa

Percayalah, this is written in a jamban. The beauty of aipek 2 kannn? Thanks to Vodakpon, the aipek is free. The length they went to keep me in their account. Pandaikan orang putih buat business? To keep on having the relationship maka vodakpon sanggup memberi I apa saja...aipek segala. I just wish vodakpon is a real person who is in a real relationship with me that in 11 years, continue to find way to keep me happy.

I will be going under GA and knife tomorrow :) The thought of it make me takut, but if I published this, meaning....I did wake up from that loongggggggg sleep.

Before I left KL, my on again off again indecisive kawan tapi mesra when selected, ask me to be 'macam biasa'. God knows apa maksudnya. But I am too malas to find meaning for everything now. Yes, I was never good enough for you kan? One must know when to keep their eyes open. Yes, you can love...love lah sangat, nasik lemak sambal udang aku turutkan walaupun kau tak kopek kulit udang tu. But yes, I think I can love as much as I want, but if you donno how to appreciate, you can go mati. ( errr.....)

Yes, when you are too angry, is not easy to find any good reasons. But when you love, it is also not easy to find what not to love about.

So off we went macam biasa. If there is such term in FB relationship. I dont think about missing my OAOA anymore. It is sad that we are so good together, ye lah apart from the obvious hati kering kaudu selfish etc, it is a dream to be in a relationship when one never fights, argue, fancy the pants of each other and the lot.

The macam biasa attitude continue with the strong contender is yours truly. I got so much work to do. I never start my day thinking about what my OAOA might be doing. Makan ke dia, apa ke dia. I longer tunggu BBM orang tu. In fact, my BBM is use on a good cause like notifying Kiah who updates their FB status dgn ayat yang macam shiall...or rile up Kiah in pursuit for her to lawan her SV. Yes, I must focus on my strength....empowering people. That's what I do best.

But of course, the kerbau balau have days like mushy peas. The macam biasa relationship is creeping up to be macam gila pun ada kadang-kadang. Some days I got nicer one like, take care...missing you. And tomorrow, good night love you. And tulat, takde berita sampai ke pagi...

But, of course when your relationship dah sampai ke tahap 'macam biasa', maka itulah dia cycle nya kan?

Why is it? Why can't some people be nice unprompted? I can still get away with it mengenangkan yang I ni bila2 masa je boleh berambus tanpa notis kan? But what say the married couple or the long term one? Susah benarkah nak menunjukkan bukti yang kasih sayang tu ada? Just because the other half tu tahu your warts and all, maka perlukah menunjuk lagi benda yang obvious? Okay lah, in my case, I am suppose to make peace with my OAOA perangai buruk. But just because I'm coping, doesn't mean you don't have to change kan?

Ohhh..yes, that is when you have to apply the macam biasa.

Macam biasa lah sangat!

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Anonymous said...


So happy to see you back. Take good care of urself. Life can be complicated sometimes. All things must pass.

Wish you all the best dearie..


Makji Esah said...

Thank you Mak Orang :)

Cik Puan Kamil said...


I think all is have to say is "jantan...."...

Anonymous said...

Babe, I've been with that kinda guy before.. Not long ago.. My frens pun.. All I can say bad habits never die.. Mcm tu sekrg 2 3 tahun nnt pun mcm tu.. Aku rasa mcm tu lah :))

Makji Esah said...

CPK...pompuan pun ada gak camtu..nak nak yg rasa diri mereka tu rebutan ramai ala2 Maya Kering kannn

Anon..mmg macam tu pun...:)