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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sudah-sudah lah mintak darah...update la blog mu ittew. Kalau aku yang terdelay, sampai ke FB kau menuntut ye????

I will be flying to see my MC in few weeks time. We haven't seen each other for almost 5 months. Tersangatlah lama. Timing wasn't good for both of us to travel. Well, perjanjian setan jahanam nya ialah 3 bulan sekali. But orang tu janji nak ber summer dengan I. Ni dah nak masuk winter, batang hidung dia yang mancung tak jugak sampai kerumah pipi yang I yang tersorong-sorong ni. Biarlah dia....nanti satu hari yang permai...I akan merajuk tahap gajah afrika and membuat keputusan yang rasional lagi memecah kan hati.

I have decided to take up clinical work again after mengambil cuti rehat selama dekat setahun. Well, I was focussing my energy on MC and I think when our mind is occupied with something else, it is hard to offer mental protection for others. I don't get to fall in love many time in my life but enough to know that membuka ruang dalam hati kita untuk orang lain adalah satu process yang menyerupai membuka tin cacing. Our weaknesses are flashed in front of our very eyes. We do thing that we are likely to advise others NOT to do in the similar situation. We said yes when we know is a big NO. We want to move mountains and we want everything to fall into places.

Why do we do this? Love professed are no longer sufficient without some convincing action. Some people think action is not required but mutual understanding does. How often do you say what you think?

I am not fed up. Well, sometime I feel it but I rapidly washed that thoughts of my mind..again and again.

Dalam hati musti ada cinta....kalau lah tak ada, pi mampus lah kan? We often wonder why people does silly things...with exception that woman who had her daughter abused and killed by the boipren. But nowadays, susah la nak analyse the strength of love. Mak pun dah boleh buang baby dia sendiri, bapak pun dah boleh taruk anak dia sendiri...ish!

Well, selagi hati I ada cinta...after 16 years and after very unimpressive presentation...maka hati ini akan bersabar lah.

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Manal said...

I am impressed at how far u would do in the name of love for MC. Adakah itu jua for attending some interviews down here in msia?

I pon lpas dah 3 thn baru la rasa CENTA...3 thn and only now we both feel closer than ever and that he too wanted so much to secure the whole thing he was afraid of facing another possible argument. But to me la, its more of maturity and rationale. It took 3 years already of our lives and so its time for both of us to really concentrate on the solutions and for me to be "womanly" enough to lure him into whats best for us all.

And welcome back home again, makji. Centa tak mengenal usia, perchaya lah!