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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jawapan Kepada Request Yang Sia-Sia

How come when Kiah made demand, I moved to this automated mode to follow instantaneously???? Adakah ini chenta?? (Cam shialll je bunyik nya..) Well...hats off, she really know how to get what she wants of me. So, katanya nak order something? Mana request nya...aku udah mau pulangin ni.

Actually, without Kiah soft strop hence addressing herself as SAYA KIAH in my chat box..I memang nak update pun. But I was away from my desk in London and currently in East Anglia yang sejuk cam syaitonnn ini. Ciss, who would have thought that September will be cold and gloomy like this? Wahh...Paroi Jaya, nantikan daku occay?

Okay....whoever of you who sent this....

Saya tak tahu nak pergi mana. Saya cuba bunuh diri tapi tak cukup kuat nak betul betul laksanakannya. Tolong, saya tak nak mati sia sia. ghinoptv@yahoo.com

Not once but sampai 4 kali (but only got published once) Can I just say to you that you will have better luck calling your emergency samaritans service for immediate help instead of me. I hope you're still alive or managed somehow scribble some notes telling the people who may find you lifeless not to bother interrogating your closest enemies.

Irregardless whether this is a cry for help or seeking attention, I am programmed to take what you said seriously. Pasal tu I buat entry ni, kalo tak sumpah ku takmau layan. I am sorry that you're feeling whatever you're feeling. You seem so depressed but somehow managed to logged into my blog and leave this message. How sweet of you to think of me in your hour of need.

I am not usually kind to severely despressed people, reason being..if you have come to stage where you want to end it all, chances are you have less ability to listen and making sense. You seems to know what you want and what are your strength. Your message says it all. You tried, but you 'feel' you're not strong enough to carry it out. Takut la tu. And you also tak nak mati sia-sia. Tahupun you. So, kesimpulannya you masih boleh berfikir. You still have energy to internalised all this...so gunakan tenaga you sebaik nya.

I am not going to judge you because I am going to let you do that yourself. But let me tell you this, there is so many people in similar profession as me, have been in this job long enough to know which cry for help is genuine. I am not saying that yours are NOT but I am pointing out some strength that you have which may be at your advantage.

Talk to someone you can trust. I am sorry I can't be much of a help to you. I am not sure what are you asking here. And honestly, I wouldn't know what to do because you know what you want yourself. Read back what you wrote and if you can think of something specific, please write again.

I wish you well. You are still (by the sound of it) in a conscious state. So harsh unemphatic response is necessary. However if you feel that you must kill yourself, consider doing the noble thing like don't tell anyone about what you're about to do. Chances are, you will make that person's life a living hell, blaming themselves for not being able to help you. Write a note. Ask forgiveness and forgive others. Be brave. Kalau dah tertulis you akan mati cara yang macam ni, apa nak dikata?

Kiah....now you must update yours.


Anonymous said...

cara mati paling kejam di malaya:

1) C4, kes bunuh yang tak boleh dibahaskan secara umum

2) 3B, kes bunuh datuk sosila

3) kerat, kes bunuh oleh mona pendi

Manal said...

That person mesti ade someone close enough to contact to. Payah sangat, pi la join bomba or askar or tak pon paramedic ambulance. Sahih ngeri dah nak mati sbb: kena gak selamatkan mangsa kebakaran, road accidents and kot2 la malbat nak pi antar dia ke lebanon ke somalia ke ape2 la war stricken area. And it was a she, pon boleh join jadi nurse kerja ER ataupun serah diri jer kat balai polis berdekatan ataupun hospital berdekatan ataupun masjid berdekatan. Polis would (lempang her if perlu) send few policewomen to talk to her nicely and send her to her parents by any means, and if no parents, sape2 la next of kin, kalau tak, kena tahan lockup before being sent to the nearest psychiatric ward. Hospital attendances and nurses plak might know what to do next while can force her down with some anti-depressant/put her to sleep. Masjid lak kot2 diorang boleh baca2 la doa something on her and terus boleh contact polis or so.

I am still in shock sbb ibu kepada one of my 3rd year undergrad students just died due to the road accident and her dad in the ICU. So to that person yang tak nak mati sia2, pi la ziarah hospital emergency unit ASAP.