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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Misteri Nusantara....Lagi.

Sesampainya saya dari bergaloks'kan di Paris, Holland & Brussells...saya adalah terharu dengan comments untuk entry Nusantara tu. Well, had I not been inspired by Kiah, this are the thing that I akan pikir 2,3 kali jugak nak pi cerita kat orang.

Ye lah..kang orang kata kita gila pulak kan? There's jokes in this jobs...that when we see sewel people so much, we ended up being one. Hmmm......

To those who asked...adakah duit itu bertukar menjadi daun kering...ish..ni mustik you all banyak benar lah membaca cerita komik seram or menengok cerita Suzana Indon tu, dok ingat semua duit hantu akan menjelma jadik daun kering. The answer is...I don't know.

Was she McD SS 14 regular midnite visitor? Tu pun I tak tahu. I have left for UK after that and I did not keep in touch with that guy, so I never get to ask if sesiapa ada encounter the same occurence.

Will that make me the choosen one? Entah lah. My nusantara experience started from MRSM. Before SPM when all the girls (yang bangsa study last minute) ber study maut (the term we used on study sampai pagi) we heard the sound of marching army. The senior told us that it is the Japanese army. Nampak nya tak pernah lah...but once, bila I balik from toilet, I was hit (not literally) by flying 'object' yang berwarna putih. I was with a friend and makcik ni memang dah lemah semangat nya terus ter histeria.

When we first moved to Paroi...I told my mum that I selalu dengar orang jalan kat sebeleh tingkap I...and the funny thing is, bila semua lampu dah tutup, we (me and my sister) can still see the bayang-bayang. My mum told my father but my father dismissed that by saying that me and my sister ni malas sembahyang so macam-macam setan nak datang. Ye lah...only after that my youngest sister told us that my father actually heard and saw the same thing. See...my father really wanted us to like the new house so he will not hear any negative stories. But now..after many,many years...takdelah experience apa-apa, but I do believe some nice relatives do visits...and my brother is one of them. Once, he whisper to my ear to bangun sembahyang subuh...but kakak dia ni tetaplah setan tahap 8, extend tido sampai pukul 11, pastu pi cakap jet lag..boleh?

I am not sure what to make of that encounter. But I have experience the moment of living in a trance for a short period. I was told that someone wanted to attack other people but I happened to be in the same path and terkena. So I started having this period of semi unconscious and doing things not in my nature. It is like...I know what I was doing is weird but why I did it, I don't know. That happened to me twice. I was so demam and had to be bathed celah kangkang my father. I was okay after that. To this date...that is all unexplainable.

So, I thank you for all your interest. I am sure that there's a reason for everything. But I would rather not memeningkan kepala memikirkan hal-hal macam ni. Everyday when I go to work, I will jumpa banyak hantu yang jahat-jahat but I think, if there's a choice between unseen/seen spirits yang nak pakai baju putih ke, nak berkawad tengah padang ke or nak tunggu bus tahan kereta tengah malam ke...dengan orang sewel wielding kapak, I don't prefer the latter. When I work night shift, i selalu jugak dengar orang jalan depan opis I, ada yang siap main doorbell lagi..but you know what I said to them...(ni under my breath lah..) I'm working...I don't intend to disturb you..so, please don't disturb me. It is better that than a patient waiting behind my door lying in wait to stab or strangle me.

Hope this helps.


Manal said...

Sama la kita makji, i lagi conscious and on alert dgn hantu manusia ni...But then, baru jer last week, as in last friday, i left my office around 6-ish. As i went inside my car i saw my rearview mirror tilted and twisted to the passenger seat i.e. to the left when I DIDNT even have anyone in my car outward and return journey. Even so, no passenger ever touched my mirror except moi. So i just ignored it, correcting the mirror position and told to meself, that that was perhaps some vain soul wanted to see her/herself in the mirror and the nearest one they came across was the one in my car. Sabar jer la, ade gak spirit nak adjust tudung mawi/ekin ke rambut cacak dia ke kan?

Anyway, keep practising ur Summum Bukmum du'a tu ok makji, and may we be protected from any harm and any evil intention. Ameen

ladymarko said...

Hajah, that's exactly what my late grandma used to tell me too. Kalau ada benda ganggu, tell it that you have no intention to ganggu dia and ask it not to ganggu you. But my grandma went a step further, she told me to look straight into the ghost's (kite assume ghost la kan?) eyes when I say this. Boleh? Not me, thank u very much.

My most unforgettalbe experience with the paranormals was when I saw a batu nesan in the bedroom... eeeee seram!

starla said...

hmmm...that japanese army marching thing sounds like from a certain MRSM I know of...they said you could hear it on a certain date mase jepun first start landing dulu...I had frens waiting till way past midnite ramai2 kat this one dorm room sambil memerhati a certain tingkap...tapi nan adooooooooo...

MK said...

makji, mandi celah kangkang ayah tu namanya 'mandi apung'

after u kena mandi apung u will be kind of kebal, like susah cedera ke. mandi ini sesuai untuk kanak2 yg tend to get hurt easily (budak nakal) hihihih

BUT - the cons of the mandi apung is, the child will be very degil ye.

how i know? my dad told me la. i'm from NS too (Rantau)