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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dumpsville Skips

Travelling on public transport gives you free access to all sorts things, even soft porn. Iya you...I once saw this man, look like he work in the City, with suit and pink tie...slightly overweight that shows around his hip watching porn on his Iphone. On a bus ride. Some would think that maybe he just picked that Iphone from O2 shop...so nak try test tengok la ni...but I'm sure, he is a virgin on a hot date (that might involve sex) and he needs to learn few tips. Eh eh...belajar kat porn show buat apa?

Some bus pulak dinaiki oleh student-student Malaysia yang buat PHD, and without telling, people like me will find their conversation (bragging la more like..eeshhh) too nauseating for my liking. Well, stop right there if you think I'm jealous...takde makna nya. I'm not that sort of person who can get impressed by money or people's education credentials. But I really can't see the point talking about some qualitative versus quantitative research dalam packed bus. Wouldn't you think depa-depa tu nak tayang kat kita-kita yang dok diam minding our own business ni yang diorang tulah manusia maha bijaksana dalam London tu? Podah la. When I was a student, once kita semua dah keluar dari rumah hantu tu, we gossip (kutuk) the tutor la..lecturer la...or discuss cara-cara nak mengelepet dalam exam.

So, back to more interesting conversations on public transport...2 quite mature men were talking about how to dump a girl.One was really convincing another one that his relationship has now enter the doomed phase and irrepairable. By the sound of it, idok le lama sangat pun perhubungan tu...but you know lah men, once they feel like things has got to their neck..selagi boleh cepat dia nak call taxi to berambus the better kan?

I never got dumped properly...not to my face anyway. The one yang dah mati decided to do thing via telepathy and expect aku mendoakan dia bahagia dihari persandingan mu gitu. Cesss! The other one...who is now (fortunately or unfortunately) is my current decided not to say anything and expect me to get the gist yang dia tak interested...in THAT way. But with the dah mati one, after he came back grovelling (geez..Kiah, in a lifetime, I got to do it twice) I took the pleasure to asked...why lah?

The dah mati one said ------> It's not you..it's me. I think, I wasn't right for you. Things were complicated. So, adik-adik...don't beat up yourself finding the meaning for this words. Those were created by men to ease their guilt. Remember...breaking up ...the amicable one..must be a decision of the 2 person involved..with a sound mind and good reasons. Most of break ups only has one sided decision.

The current one said -------> I am still having fun that time. Now I know what I want. You were too nice..I am the Setan one. We don't want the same thing. Katanya....

In papers nowadays you read about one suing the other one pasal kes-kes tak jadi kawin. Am I right to think that people are now setting up a relationship akin to starting up a business? This is not a risk-free world. I find all those news adalah amat memalukan. Of course lah si pen-saman would say..I'm doing this not because of the money...(tapi gi saman nak tuntut juta-juta..pehal? Padahal masa dating..apalah sangat investment, takat takat Celcom bill and all those dinners and lunch kan?) but I do not want the same thing to happen to other men/women. Weh...since when do you actually care about other people you don't know?

I think, women mostly are honest with their reasons to split up.If they do want a split. Men usually will hold back the real reason. Of course lah they will use the corny lines like the above rather than...I don't like the way you put on your lipstick. It is always a mixture of little sins that they apparently can't be arsed to put up with.

There's also apparently this trend about dumping partners through text messages and Facebook. The thing is they want out without having to be burdened with so many questions.They can't cope with angry or tearful reaction. They don't want the guilt staring at them..ni case yang pi dump bini masa kawan tu memboyot.

I have a female friend who has always prepared herself for the worst.I once told her...relationship itself is a risk laa...and if from the beginning you don't feel right, don't get into deep lah. Ada pulak yang terlampau chenta and ignored all the warning signs like...sudden tardiness of text messages and late notice cancellations.

Some partners are designed to exasperate you into ditching them. Back luck if you got yourselves involved with this lot to begin with. I keep asking my current (MC) why me in the frame suddenly. Not once or twice dah ni..but everytime when we Skype. Of course lah...if people never fancy you back then...will it be the same case now?

Entahlah....so if I got dumped again...I should blame myself lah kan?


Manal said...

Maybe he's been a screwed up his whole life?

Have u seen that movie: He's not just that into you? Not that we should take note on everything there is in that movie, but somehow we should have some faith kan makji? The most important thing is, u never stop on your quest to find the man good enough for u and man enough too.

Hugs makji. U know u r loved!

If u asked me, i have lost hope long time ago. But faith that man and woman are created in pairs have never been broken.In GOD we trust!

And for whatever weird reason man/woman find it more alluring to go for those who are in commitment (bf-gf, married ones ). As in if the man/woman is already with someone or very popular or highly sought after, then it becomes like a "challenge" for them to make a move too so that they will know that their "catch" is worth all the blood, money, sweat n tears? Easy come, is like easy go?

And then, there's also this "right time , right place, right moment" thing. Or the opposite? Ntah la makji, just dont quit on love.

Anonymous said...

pasal student PhD bincang pasal research ke apa tu.. biasa la mak aji... bukan apa, dah dalam jaga, dalam tido, mimpi pun pasal research.. dunia buat masa ini adalah research... me in the same position.. kekadang unconsciously do that... tu lum lagi dengar post doc yg cerita pasal dia punya pengalaman viva n membuli student phd (mentang2 dia dah lepas dah kan?)...

abaikan sahaja la kalau terdengar cerita pasal research ni mak aji... apa pun, bagus gak kan, boleh menimba ilmu walaupun dalam bas... wah, PM mesti gembira la kalau tau warga dia ada perbincangan ilmiah walau di mana jua mereka berada kan.. ni tak ada la kes asyik2 condemn we all pi bersuka ria time cuti2 ke apa kan?.. hahahahaha...