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Monday, January 25, 2010


Kiah, being her thoughtful self (or she just takut ditangkap pak polisi being the last person seen with me...) texted me earlier yesterday, just to clarify (and pacify) yang aku bukanlah salah sorang suspect and penulis blog yang pi kutuk satu sultan yang baru passed away nih.

Death is hard for some people. Tak kiralah orang tu perangainya buruk ke...baik ke. You would not want to wish that on anyone, although we all know that death is always the end of one's life story.

I had wanted to update you about my recent trip back to KL, but before that...I like to remember today, the 2nd years of my ex's passing.

I never thought I'd say this, but his death was and still is hard for me.

I googled one of his favourite song today.I listened to it all day.

I forgave him...and I want to move on.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillahhh... for a start try to improve the hit and miss you mentioned in earlier n3. (note: sy bukan lah seorg yg alim dan warak, dan tidak layak utk bagi nasihat. I just sympathise with what you hv been thru.. I just find little bit of peace when I do my solat better than I used to do it..)

Anonymous said...

yes kak aji,
u should move on..
dont look back

j.amyemeelea said...

yeah makji...from ungu to sade to entah haper lagik ler gua mourn mcm nak rak bagi diri nie beb!

BUT yang penting itu the desire to move on and WILL go forth :)

peace! salam mak ji~ ;)

OOD said...

dagho, kau budak baik.

berbahagialah hendaknya. amin.

As said...

Kak Ji..adakah ex itu bernama Ali ?

pakmat said...

..and I used to hate getting old..but we should not let the tears crying for the sun that has gone out of our lives, prevent us from seeing the stars..if I may quote R.Tagore..
cheers, makaji..