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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Politi-curse

I spent many weeks in Selangor and days in Kaybee. I didn't go to Kaybee this and the last trip but I sure get the news that I wanted to hear and the contraband I want to seludup balik UK. This trip I decided to tapau the buns I discovered in that bakery in Kota Damansara that wins the approval of MB1. I will tapau the kaya, the red beans and the kelapa ones. Chances are, halfway through the Alps, the buns will vanished. Dimakan tikus.

I read plenty about Dr Hasan Ali. Not that I want to but for some reason he is the centre of the news nowadays. On the way to MC's office, there's this banner bearing his face with his palms facing his face, ala ala berdoa gituh.

The Hasan Ali I first heard of was a motivator. He organised camps for the youngs and supposedly after they youngs tamat kem motivasi, the little satans will now be anak2 soleh solehah. My little cousin attended one of his camp. During that time, those who can afford camp or program like Dr Hasan's are of those who makpaknya banyak duit. Nowadays everyone can go to any motivational camp. There's learning how to solat camp, want to be orang alim camp etc, etc. In my time, I only went to OBS camp. Tu pun bukan apa you, my eldest brother sungguh berperangai that appa feels that the camp is good for him. His last resort before he kill him with his bare hands I supposed. My brother will not go if no one teman him, so I was the mangsa paksa. I was only 10. Please parents, unless your child tells you in advance they're into outdoor amazing race kind of activity, janganlah memandai nak hantar. Because of that I seriously think that I developed many phobias. My brother of course enjoyed it after few days, but that OBS experience did not deter his spirit to continue being a setan. Until now.

I think my aunt decision to send her daughter, my cousin, was because she is a single mother and she probably wanted her daughter to be taught by a pious male father figure cikgu and of all reasons, Dr Hasan Ali was perfect.

After that, years later...from my father's Harakah, I learnt about Dr Hasan Ali joining PAS. I wasn't a pro PAS then and now, not because of their mission of an Islamic state but my early experience of PAS is a cassette player playing syarahan of Hj Hadi and the now deceased former leader, in the mesjid crucifying Dr Mahathir and Amnoh. If I am not mistaken the deceased was Fadzil Nor. Entahlah...I was very young. At that young age, I know it is wrong to talk bad about another person especially in a mesjid. I told appa, they had just pray and doa, then they continue kutuk2 orang, teruk lah. My appa just laughed and since then calling me orang amnoh. Ishhh...but at that time, there is nothing not to like about Dr Mahathir.

Of course when Dr Hasan become the PAS, the normal thing to do is to speak ill of the amnoh. It is difficult to separate the thought of one excellent motivational speaker to kaki kutuk kaw kaw. But that is all normal about politics. You talk bad about your opposition and what best is you and your mission. But Anuar Berahim makin kaya....

Back in Malaysian politics scene again, here comes Dr Hasan Ali with his colourful news and speech. He is now sacked. From PAS. Good job he didn't create another party like Nuar Berahim...ahh don't speak so soon, entah entah malam ni he come out with one.

I think Dr Hasan looks better with his moustache on. Without it, he look weird. Seeing him on the banner near that proton showroom, does not make me want to vote for him let alone come to his ceramah. Plus, my idea of ceramah is always good stuff, bukan nak dengar so and so bagi bini dia kena kongkek dengan boss and now challenge that so and so to carry out the DNA.

Where have the power of the good gob gone, Dr Hasan? While they were together, tak pulak benda2 ni keluar kan?

So why do people enters into Politics then? All this ceramah talking about so and so hal dalam kelambu, does it really attract listeners? Isn't Melodi or Propaganza enough?

The job we do, sometime make the person we are. In the olden days, when you loves teaching so much, it shows in your nature...that you would love to dispense knowledge. Nowadays the cikgus? Do they really like what they do?

Dr Hasan Ali should stick to being a motivational self help facilitator. That suits him and his demure. Talking crap (although he will differ) and speaking of someone else private matter in public, really doesn't suit him. In fact, it makes him even or lower than the person he is slagging.

We have enough politician with the right face and attributes to talk about other people hal dalam kain. They are Nuar Berahim, Ibrahim Ali and Azwan Ali. Oops, is he a politician?

Pstt...I think I prefer Guan Eng. Too bad the picture didn't do him any justice. Oh..of course Nik Aziz. Who can wronged him, however silly statement he made?

Sekian, cakap2 politik untuk hari ni. Saja.

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Anonymous said...


Pak Hasan Ali tu motivator yg gagal motivasikan diri sendiri sebenornya. Sampai masa, dia akan senyap dan malu sendiri. Tajuk IMR boleh buat i nak muntah. Religion shud be kept yourself and personal matters. Respect others as well.

ps: boleh tak kirewnya makji put bank account no utk "help & hope" (maybank or cimb etc.) kat atas tu, senang sikit i atau org lain interested nak buat money transfer.Thanks.


Anonymous said...

agree. i am too appalled by this change in him whom i once respected and i too ever sent my cousins to his motivational camp.

Anonymous said...

komen ni takde kaitan dengan post yang ni.. tp previous2 post yang nak komen tapi terfikir perlu ke komen.. nnti orang marah lak ai ckp bajet bagus nak betulkan orang..

but seriously i think u shud at least spend time tgk rancangan 30 minit bersama ustaz don.. why? atleast ustaz don ni ikon remaja sekarang yg ai rasa u takkan boring bile dengar dan takde isu2 moral mahupon politik disebaliknya yg buat u nyampah..

point kedua why u kena dengar.. bcoz i think some statement u buat pasal ajaran islam terlalu liberal dan mungkin bila u dengar ustaz don ckp.. u akan tau "statement ai tak betul dan ai kena improve on that"..

just my 2cent..
its hard to say (sebetulnya write this.. but unfortunately i think i have to highlight this..)yela, ai pon bukan bagus sangat tp we are improving ourself day by day.. tak gitu? :P

Makji Esah said...

Mak orang..kannn?

Anon...he should stick to what he is good at

Anon...and you think I haven't watched the program? Let me now tell you my two cents, sebagai manusia...kita perlu belajar..not only to learn abt things, but to improve our way of thinking. Liberal is subjective, as to what will suit one's opinion. You may disagree, you may have another opinion etc. When I first saw that ustaz you mention, i complimented the content of his teach. I am not into his way of presentation because of my old school way. But that is his way, he attracted young viewers and those who find learning fardhu ain or any other agama subject uninteresting. If you read me carefully, i think..i pun (insya allah lah) tak de in that ' bajet nak betul kan orang'. My subject of interest is always humans behaviour. Statement yg dibuat orang alim/orang tak alim, will only sound right to right ears and how we look at things.

And you have to believe what you believe, so there will not be a question of...nak cakap salah, tak cakap salah. So, yes, i do get your point telling me that my view is liberal. If that sounded liberal to you, then that is what it is. I will continue to write what i think is right to me and along the way, learn about stuff I dont know, and in general, it is healthy to challenge views. All for world peace.

Anonymous said...

mak aji, apa ke nama bakery di kota dsara tu...btau ler...nak gak rase...

Makji Esah said...

Anon, sebab kau anon la tak.eh bagi tau...hihihi

Anonymous said...

kesian kat nuar mcm2 orng kata dia padahal dah bercucu umur pun dah lanjut. kalau Allah tak balas di dunia kepada orang yg tumpang bawa fitnah ni, penghakiman di akhirat ada.

Makji Esah said...

A'ah kesiyannnnnnn kannnnn? Tapi bang nuar pun sama...situkang fitnah dan tukang terima pitnah pun kebih kursng..so abg nuar kena redho lah, sebab dia pun kaki fitnah gak.

Anonymous said...

jaat...anon lain mak aji jwb.nape anon sy mak aji xmau jwb.jwb ler mak aji ku sayang...kt mane bakery tu...
da meleleh air liuq ku ini....

anon nama ku bang anon

jwb tau

Anonymous said...

Fitnah apa dia buat Mak Aji. Ada dia kata ko atau sesiapa kongkek dgn jantan ?

Makji Esah said...

Hek eleh...ko nak ampu dia sgt gi la masuk blog dia......nak buat fitnah takya buat fitnah siapa kongkek siapa, yang selama-lama dia kat Umno dok memfitnah seteru dia tu, hah..padanlah muka org dok fitnah dia pulak..lagi kawkaw teruk nya.