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Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Day

I must thank you all....for those who keep on logging in walaupun takde hupdate. For your best wishes too.

Pada Kiah yang tak menyindir-nyindir mintak hupdate.

The last couple of weeks wasn't a good one but I'm glad that in many faces of adversity, there is also some happiness found.

This is a very quick update, I should say. Thus it is very important that I write about those who has helped to make things easy for me. I need to eat and sleep as this was the only two things I didn't do well for the last fortnight.

My friends are not many...but they are the ones you can't trade for money (only Anuar Zain or some chosen designer henbegs)

Kepada Ani bukan nama sebenar dan Kiah nama glamour yang digunakan untuk buat kerja terkutuk...thanks for the kind words during my sleepless days and nights. Thanks for the husband who is also my senior (I do hope your wife make you read this!) who willingly let the wife to see me and allow the liberty of me using the khidmat supir untuk lari berjumpa buah hati.

Kepada Kiah....for you this time, I shall spare my real feelings about the anak katak (yg reganya boleh menjulingkan mata but apa kejadahnya tak kalis air, spending all that money kannn?) but trust me..I will blog about it soon.

To Makji Eton,Lukman & Diva Parits, who cares too much.....with your prayers, maka ku dapat flight last minutes.

To MB's....in so many ways never stop caring...(walaupun sempat suruh ku make sure selimut berlipat and buang sampah sebelum gi airport)

To the one I love...from the day we kissed til today...for just being there, tak cakap banyak but to just hold my hand and smile, and make me feel better. (still...you tak boleh baca blog saya ye..)

To Allah the almighty....for the energy, for the blessing...and for the patience I thought I was losing.

See you soon.


Cik Kiah said...

Lerrr..ini je ke hapdate yg ditunggu2 ni? Kurangkan merapu di fb anda dan merapulah di sini.

NenekPenne said...

i datang, i baca tapi i tak faham...ha ha ha..okk....

Anonymous said...

Ni dah macam update acknowledgement dlm thesis jek, lagi panas punya hupdate, tadak ka?


Anonymous said...

sama2 kakanda, yg sebenarnya adinda khuatirkan mu kekanda nursiah. Insyallah semoga selamat. Maaf nok tak dapat nk jumpa...aku tetap utang murtabok dgn mu heheh