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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tell All?

Is it right to share our sexual secrets with friends, or are we indiscreet and attention seeking? Wehh..benda ni lah yang telah memenuhkan memory card I dua tiga hari ni.I strongly believe that part of the reason that I have been carrying these thoughts is because patient yang lately jumpa I ni semuanya bermasalah erotica gitu. God forbid mereka-mereka ni akan extend their work with me. Hopefully this work will finish in Mid March and they can then start telling others their graphic sexual conquest. I hate to give out the impression yang I ni tergolong in the type Belia 4B yang macam bagus hence tak suka cerita-cerita erotica ni. Tidak benar Tuan/Puan. Apart from being shy, I'm like any other young girls during the mid 80's to the early 90's hoping to bonk Raja Nazrin yang hensem itu. The thing is, like any other healthy (hik hik) woman,sex has always been a part of life that I enjoy listening (and doing) but not so much talking about.Malu kot.I think I am the closest reference to malu malu tapi mau and nak tahu...or just plainly and mildly gatal.
Our sexuality is private to the individual alone.Each one of us has the right to hide or disclose his or her sexual secrets, and not even life partner has the right to know everything about our erotic lives.Sometimes, people feel threatened if a lover refuses to reveal all, but it is vital to recognise the importance of setting and respecting good boundaries regarding sexual disclosure.Coercion is always damaging, and those who disclose too much end up regretting it. But it takes time and self-knowledge to acquire judgement about what to share and what to keep to oneself.Young people are the most likely to inappropriately share with third parties the details of their sexual forays - and end up facing the fury of a betrayed partner, or perhaps a reputation based on censure or misunderstanding.The common case of my patient (jahatnya...aku cerita kat uolss) is that they are sharing their details because they are insecure about their sexuality and are seeking feedback and approval from me.Ptuihhh!!! Boasting about their hot sex might be riveting for a listener like me and make the teller the centre of attention - but what is the tell tale really trying to achieve? To bolster feelings of inadequacy? To express triumph or a successful conquest? To assuage the hollow and unsettled feelings that often accompany meaningless sex? This particular young man that I currently counsel is constantly trying to convince me (or him, maybe) that a wild one night stand is what he really need, when in fact he is longing for a greater intimacy. I think for others (yang I selalu suka baca), talking about sex is a form of arousing sexual exhibitionism and their audience (me) may be turned on voyeuristically.Of course, published sex diaries or blogs can be both titillating and informative and these certainly have their place in the field of erotica but a tale from someone who tell you directly is 'shocking',exposes and they are rarely truthful.
As my job involve 'active listening',I have to listen to this this this graphic 69 thingy, human penchant for red and yellow (yikss..yikssss) and symmetrical experience. I hardly can get the word in like 'I appreciate your frankness, but it is making me uncomfortable, so could we change the subject?'. Especially to those who kompang like mad in their 40 minutes session, bragging about their 20 times per week record, leaving people like me yang cintaku bermusim ni feelings despondent about mine comparatively low average.
Don't get me wrong.Reading is always a pleasure.Between us there's always a nice presented tales of sauna hopping, express encounter and stuff. But not listening. Listening to graphic details is dreadful. You have this person in front of you flaunting his not so bagus sexcapade and have no private time to digest that info on your own. The worst is that you are forced to visualise him in your thoughts. Geli nya. The truth is,anytime we are talking about sexual experience, we have an agenda, which might be healthy.Providing we are not betraying ourselves or our partner, the healthy reason would be ; to learn something, to bond with the like minded and trustworthy friends, to have an exchange of ideas on the subject. The unhealthy bit that I can think of is apart from kompang meroyan, the pengompang itu sebenarnya is trying to convince that the bad experience was the opposite, to belittle your sexual partner or simply to attract attention.
People rarely tell the truth- the whole truth-about their sexual experience (exception yg muka kulit babi). Even if you think that you're getting a full details, you're probably only getting the ones that make the teller look proficient.
There we go.I will always going to prefer reading type sex education.Do you like to listen or read? Pray tell.


Lee Novotny said...

Yes, sometimes I was wondering as well if what you read in the blogs about certain people's sexual experiences are true or not..or perhaps they were just bragging because they've conquered so many men during so little time **matiker mak?

I suppose that's one of the reason why i put that WARNING sign in my blog whenever there's story of my sexual sexcapades. That means to say whoever can tolerate things like that, can go ahead proceeed and read it but who ever can't, can turn away straight away!

BUT I understand what u r saying; it's so much different between u reading it and you listening to it face to face. For me, it's hard for me to brag all those sexual conquests face to afce because tak tahulah, mak ni malu skett kot nak cerits benda benda gini BUT I am not so shy to do so in writing! Weird, huh?

For me, it's okay to tell all what we both do in our spare time sebab Avang also don't mind..even for some people they can't get their heads around it i.e the things me and Avang do. ANd that's another story..might blog about that too! How people worried their relationship might go the way our relationship is...

It's even weird, I can understand, that u have to listen to all strange sexual stories.even the sordid and gory little details these people telling you. Must be soooooo painful to listen to them every day!!

Anyway, have a nice week and talk to u soon, darling!

Belladonna said...

Emm, now i wonder if Sidney Sheldon punya sex life is also colorful maca bukunya ittew..hihihihhi

Goddess Selene said...

Mak menjawab soklan ittew "do you like to read or listen?" I love both!! Hiks... Tapi sebelum ittew, biar mak dlm pakaian catwoman dulu. Volleyy?? Tak lupa dgn whip mak ittew.. *tasss tassss matila vontot sapa yg kene libass!!!

Montymelly said...

They say, those who talk a lot about it actually do little..

Han said...

Reading yours is always a pleasure,Lee kenkadang sampai tak tertahan-tahan..ayo...gatal nya.But it is a fat difference of reading graphic details and listening..nak nak pulak yang pencerita tu,bangsa yang tak mandi setahum..and god knows their bulu jagung..sure serabai gila and berbau hantu...Ahhh..tak kuasa!!!

Sidney Sheldon ada sexual nature text meh? Ye ke? Or r u mistake Mills & Boon for Sidney, BeLla hoii?

Hjh Eton, motif nak pakai cat suit pastu libas-lipas org dgn cemat tu? Bondage ke?

MontyMelly, haaaa..what can I say...