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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update Sekejap

So I received your comment..asking how to get in touch.

For the question if that Al Rajhi bank account still active...jawapan nya, iya. Kalau nak menderma, silakan lah ye :) Terima kasih :)

To get in touch with me, personally...though via admin, pergilah ke website Help & Hope tu...I am sure you will find a way to email. Terima kasih :)

Okay...bab you nak donate your prized possession to us. Silakan lah. I thought I should say this that perhaps however way you may wish to generate cash if entirely up to you. Nak ajak kengkawan donate ke, orang kampung donate ke..nak curik duit laki buat donation ke (ye lah..daripada dia pi tabur kat mana2 kann?)  I really do not want to sound ungrateful but I am also preparing myself to yet another janji pilihanraya.

I have had so many people janji..janji dan janji. If making promises is one way of feeling good, lifting up people hope only for a short second exhilarate you, then I will not blame one for doling so. I am all for good mental health. As much as I want to look after mine, I do hope everyone look after theirs too :) I will not stop you from doing what you want, in fact if your intention is for a good cause, semoga dan hanya Allah yang dapat membalas  budi baik you.

But I have ceased getting excited. Come what may. Tu konsep nya sekarang. I have a greater responsibility for those who have donated...and that is, to make sure things happened.

I really appreciate all the good intention.

Much love,
Me & Loyar Sabung Ayam

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