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Sunday, January 09, 2011

All We Need Is.....Cake

When someone says they don't do birthday celebration hatta sekecik cupcake ditaruk lilin dan nyanyi 'Happy Birthday', please do not take that words at it face value.

Although we are not the sort of person who like being in the centre...unless sandwiched between Brad & Angie, we do..genuinely hope that there should at least a little fuss made for us on the day that doesn't come very often in a lifetime.

Because MC dah tahu how much my birthday this time means to me...maka dia pun membuat effort diluar tabii nya, yakni mengantar birthday card via postlaju yang until today, I can tell you bahawa it is not laju enough to arrive on my special day. Still no hint of a present apart from dirinya sendiri, I was actually quite please that I got a birthday mention from my love one...few times in one day.

If you come across some hard face person who warned you of no fuss to be made on their birthday, don't go giving in to what they want. Give them what they need. They need a little if not moderately huge birthday cheer, card and maybe small present to show them that there is actually someone who cares enough to go for all that bother to make a little fuss, that believe me, will eternally cheer them up.

Never, never and you must never not buy a cake. If its not the specially ordered one with name and small info you actually don't want people to know...please just go to the nearest M&S Food and get the birthday boy/girl a cake. Please...the only ever meaningful association with a human's birthday is a cake..however poxy small time sized cake.

We need cake.

Life is short...so, make an effort. Please.

p/s cake came 28 hours later.....tu pun lepas tunjuk perasaan.


DeLancrettLurpak said...

Happy birthday, semuga panjang umur..

Bedmate saya pun mcm gitu, kata tak celebrate birthday, tapi bila bawak kek, menyerongeh aje mukanyee..

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy besday Makji! Semoga terus berada dlm rahmat dan lindunganNya. Ameenn. - Lobai -

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Makji...semuga diberkati ALLAH SWT sentiasa.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Makji...semuga diberkati ALLAH SWT sentiasa..


j.amyemeelea said...

i cannot AGREE more makji! a small cuppiecake with 1 candle can make a whole lotta difference. happy burstday makji! obviously belated :D
live long le capris!

nbns said...

Wahai makji,

Wa mampu wish kt chitty chitty bang bang tu je..nak masuk pesbuk toksah harap lah.

Tengkiu for the wish bebeh..and tell MB 'cheers luv' for her wish too.

Wa dpt kek gak, tp sepotong aje..yg last2 org2 bukan besdey girl yg taram..bulehhhh???


Wish u all the happiness in the world!! Mwahs.


cik said...

Happy Birthday Mak Aji.

Anonymous said...

eppi berdey my fave blogger.
x x x MP.

pakmat said...

salam lady..hmm..your birthday, hey..?..forgive me for trying to guess you age..:) I would put you at under forty..if it is, than here's wishing you a very joyous 21st plus 19th birthday..here's p.ramlee with a song for you..

..semoga panjang umor, murah rezeki, lady..


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sayangku (saja nak declare sekali lagi utk menunjuk2 yg i ni prihatin). Jangan lupa bawak balik cekelat ye..

Kiah bukan nama sebenar

Arena said...

Happy birthday.take care.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday sis!. i like ur blog

Manal said...

Reminded me of Marjorie of Little Britain's fat camp: "cakes oooowwwhhh I love cakes".

Last year u bought urself one DSLR. This year whats in the goodie bag?

Semoga sehat sejahtera selalu dan tenang jiwanya, ameen

Anonymous said...

Hepi Besday Makji!!.Hepi Besday to me.Hepi Besday to Siti Nurhaliza too..hehe

anis-je (memang bukan nama sebenar)

Anonymous said...

Unless that person has diabetes lah kan Makji... otherwise cake is recommended....:)

Dibiee said...

Happy Besday.. semoga di rahmati, di murahkan rezeki & berbahagia dlm apa jua bentuk caranya...

I love to read ur blog.. don't cut me out if u decide to make it as private blog...