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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Taking Sides Part II

This business of taking sides is sucks.
With friends, at least dengan kelebihan mulut longkang yang later will be excused for 'speaking your mind', you can just say..heyy..leave me out of it. Betul tak?
But kalau yang berpatah arang what not tu is a relatives yang tak boleh nak di elak, camno lah tu?
Here a strory. This elderly couple...well, idok lah warga emas sangat, but just passed pensioner stage and still in a good shape. I tell you the bini (sadly is a relative of mine) memang dari muda ialah cap longkang. With all these modern technology of environmental modernisation, her mulut is still longkang. Perangai pun longkang. No amount of umrah , haji usrah or syarahan Mufti Menk yang dia dah pi will change her longkangness.
She have got away with it for so long because no one wants to spare anytime to confront her. Partly kesian kat laki nya. Lakinya baik. Well...okay lah. Baik lah kann...apa yang weols nampak. Belakang we don't know.
You know the sort of people yang walaupun mulut cam shial but you still manage to detect some ounces of goodness? Well she is not it. I know of people yang mulut laknat but then you still ada hati nak cakap, well, takpalah..despite mulut cam shial tu, hatinya baik. Makcik I ni takda langsung zarah kebaikannya.
Okay. Recently ada gossip liar yang later turned out to be true yang lakinya telah berkahwin baru. Baru dalam ertikata baru is 13 years ago!  And the heaven opens, I tell you. How we find out is that dia pompuan longkang ni masuk spital because she pitam or whatever. Then masa kat spital didepan congregation yang melawat dia, dengan kelongkangan abadi dia boleh pi cakap kat semua orang yang disitu, that this (her predicament) is because lakinya dah kahwin lain.
Her laki was there. My mother was there...so thanks to modern technology, we got to know about it through family whatsapp. Her bedrest status didn't stop her malukan lakinya. All the name calling...walaupun wire and drip penuh sekelilingnya, mulutnya bak halilintar.
Si tukang pencerita (yakni my cousin yang menaip message whatsapp live telecast) kata even if she is hospitalised because of stroke dengan mulut herot berot, dia masih mampu menyumpah seranah laki nya.
Behind her back, we said that she deserved whats coming to her. The uncle is a decent man. So we got invitation to kenduri, and the aunty longkang dah khabor kat segala sedara mara, that she will not go if Uncle got the invite.
Since peristiwa berdarah depaorang (err the kahwin lain episode) hidup sedara mara menjadi payah because of 'imposed' demanded allegiance.
Their anak dah kena paksa not to visit apaknya, if not aku bukan ibu kandung mu.
In the end, semua sedara mara terpaksa take her sides sebab taknak dia drama Tamil.
My argument now is....why semua orang bingai nak jaga hati dia walaupun dia macam civai perangai nya? I told my mother that now she is the eldest in her family, she should really put a stop to this. The woman is a mad one. Yes true, we don't layan orang gila but layan and giving in is two different things.
Macam Ajuan Ali laaa.....we can say, jangan layan all his crap bags. But if someone had a put stop to it, takkan dia masih lagi nak jadi sasau gittew kan?
People worry about having caught or being in the middle, don't want to be in the difficult position etc. But bila orang tu dah obvious nya salah, why must you spare her?
So what if you laki kawin lain..diusia usia kau berdua patut ke Mekah and beribadat sesama. Nak buat cemana kann?
Yes, she has been duped for 13 years...orang tu nikah lain dia tak sedar. How come eh? You so engulfed in your perangai jahat tuhan butakan mata you kearah benda jahat depan mata you.
Now the aunty is fighting for divorce. Within the last couple of months, we have been caught in so many crossfires we don't need to. Sedara meninggal and both estranged couple were there, kita nak tegur pakcik tu pun takut makcik naik antu. The pakcik being himself will come and socialise with all of us, tapi bini dah menjerit. Anak cannot see their father.
Bodoh sangat!


Anonymous said...

The very fact si sowmi mendua gelap kan isteri selama 13 tahun tells something about him too... tak mampu ke kawal isteri.. that shudnt be the case of khalifah keluarga... taking the easy way out.. bersosial mcm biasa dgn femili seme.. of all the seranah.. i wonder if he still peluk the bini tua

Makji Esah said...

Anon, people made bad decision and judgement under circumstances. If u ask me, he is like the rest of us (the families) didn't want to rise up to things he knows he is in the right. Wife is gila one thing, to allow her to be so gila and take solace in taking another wife dalam gelap, is satu perbuatan gila juga.

Dils said...

So sad that anak2 have to take sides, on the bright side at least they are older to not be messed up (further... growing up with a mother like that must not be easy to turn out right). .