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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mohon Terasa

Do you know that I have to keep someone floating in my pesbuk list so that me and Kiah can have a laugh, cringe and kutuk together?

Yeehaaa..we are jahat like that. In one funny moon, mak Piah will join in...kerana terpaksa lah kann because Kiah and I have been going on about it. Perbuatan ni memanglah rendah moral...but let's see, I am on a budget. I can't afford comedy show so the freeview is the Facebook. You see and read loads of things.

You read about how people love themselves more than...more than..err themselves. Acaner tuh? Okaylah...imagine having an orgasm and these self-lover people scream out their own name. Gituh. We use to just gelak the 1st, 2nd, 3rd........12th offenders. Kelakar...ye lah, kelakarlah kan baca posting orang tu kata dia ada iras-iras Kim Kardashian.

After the 12th episodes of saya sayang diri saya sendiri, the gelak-gelak will soon turn into...astaga...apakena kau ni...

But I remember telling Kiah, we have got to admire their courage. Can we do that? Nahh..we probably too busy thinking what people make of us.

My own statuses will depend on ....what rock my boat that day. I have this pesbuk bipolar illness. The genre will vary. From simple observation, lovey dovey, sampah menyampah bordering tu nak bunuh orang, depressed sampai nak bunuh diri sendiri or just plain rant.

Oh ya..I was ranting about the grim gambar sharer. Dengan pesbuk ada ampun sikit, if ada orang share..you can just ignore it. With wassapdog group sometimes you get this feeling that you're pushed to the corner. Kena gak baca..kena gak tengok..kalau tak the blink of the mobile phone light will hound you in the dark. I think people need to be reminded of the ethos and rules of the group. But then again...is there such thing like ethos and rules in that independent chat group? Baca je lah...pastu kutuk.

Among your hundredth of friends, you don't know who is reading what. I have bunch of friends thinking that I am the haluan kiri group. Well, this is hamnoh people or fence sitters. People who thinks that, don't fix thing that ain't broken. I have a friend telling me why must I join orang BERSIH tu cari pasal...sebab Malaysia kan dah elok aman damai. I then asked her, do you know what BERSIH is for?

Like any other rebels yang membagi busuk nama, they be happy to barge in at any avenue yang against gomen policy to prove their 'rebellious' points. Most are just clueless. 

I can have wrong opinion too...hehehe. But they are my opinions until I am proven otherwise. I also have friend to think that I am not at 'peace' with myself because I posted angry statuses. Hek elehh....nak sindir orang lain, orang lain lak yang terasa, kan Kiah? Bengang by her comment, I messaged this friend of mine privately. I told her that she is wrong thinking that. Whilst I appreciate her suggestion to seek Allah to ease my pain (pain lah sangat) I told her that she should read everything she sees with an open mind without making conclusions. If she wants to have a judgement than its fine lah...tu dia punya pasal but to imposed it on me when she tatau hujung pangkal maka tu macam self righteous lah pulak. I have no problem with her applying Prof Muhaya's concept but I also dare to think that the great professor can get things wrong too..to the best of her.

Best way to put it..maka berpada-padalah nak bagi opinion. Kalau orang tanya then bagi. Of course nak bagi opinion tu tak salah...tapi janganlah assume orang tu ada issue pulak.

BTW, sipolan tu dah diremove...tak kuasa aku nak membaca opinion dia pasal manusia sejagat.

There are also parents who thinks that their child is god. Nak nak kalau tu aje lah sorang anak nya. But I think mothers are like that..well apart from Kiah. But really, can you stomach a marathon of ohh anak ku, kaulah permata hatiku...hidup ini tiada erti tanpa mu. That kind of status selama 365 hari...14 kali sehari. Ko mampu?

Yes...I am friends with them...you may suggest that I start spring cleaning soon. But having a rethink, maybe I am just too worry about what people think of me.  I got no anak or laki untuk ku puja-puja langkah kaki nya.

I don't have truckloads of money to shop hence checking in at Gicik, Pradak with mind boggling status...torn between blue or green tote...help! will not appear on my timeline.

Today pulak I baca...that to mengeratkan silaturrahim dgn orang yang kita jarang bercakap maka sebaiknya kita like lah status atau gambar orang tu. Meaning..kalau dia taruk gambar selipar hello kitty dia maka wajib lah kau like supaya dia tahu kau sentiasa mengingati dirinya in every click you make.

Takpun, kalaulah tiada pesbuk, untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim dgn orang yang kita jarang bercakap tu, maka kita tawaflah rumah nya barang se round dgn honda civic kita. To show how much we care. In addition to such a bizarre statement, the owner siap tulis MOHON TERASA lagi.

Seriously, really? However not interesting...we have got to like you just to show you that we care?

Surely people have their own agenda when they signed up for pesbuk. 

At this minute, another friend of mine is calling out for her children to sembahyang maghrib sama2. Cepat..mama tunggu ni. And you can't help to think that this tech savvy family communicates with each other through pesbuk statuses.

Whilst there are some who may be frustrated and feel the need to have a rant, please remember there's people reading you and will make up their mind about you. So please take the time to practice your patience as well as taking a deep breath. Re read your status. It gives you the chance to fix and to re word. 

Serves as a reminder to me, please do not send your words of anger directly. Chances are...people think you need doses of Harun Din's remedy. 


Anonymous said...

ha....tu dia..

Anonymous said...

Hajah, I know too well what you mean about farcebook..hehehe. Kadang tu meluat pun Ada dah Ada fb or kaki but dok melayan jan tan lain, hurmmm but teringat bila baca status tu dapat dosa kering sbb dlm hati dok kutuk mujur Ada delete friend button.

Pasai perception tu betul cause I penah unfriend kawan suam suam kuku dari zaman uni sbb dia post gambar dgn stewardess n put such a degerotary remark...mak hangin trus 'kill him' online


Makji Esah said...

Lin, good on you. nasib baik stewardess tu nak hamik gambor dgn dia kannnn?

Anonymous said...

Mak Aji..

I ada kawan yg sering cerita 'kebahagian' rumahtepitangganya.. Mcm her life perfect yg amat. 'Sering bagi nasihat' yg pedas pd org lain tanpa memikirkan perasaan org tu. She forgot that one 'fine' day, the cash karma will turn back to her.

Well, her marriage 'putus' di tengah jalan. And masih nak salahkan org lain. Did she never learnt about 'karma' things?

p/s: I rasa dia kena baca your bloglah (and also mak piah). I learnt a lot about human being from both blogs :-)


Anonymous said...

Sama lah makji oii..entah2 theyols pon meluat baca status makji.

Makji Esah said...

Ohhh kesah nya..meh nak like komen awak ni

Makji Esah said...


Anonymous said...

Hajah, rumah den dokek bonar ngan umah makmertuo.dia dok ngan anak pompuan bongsu eh yg dah kawin..mudo laei..sojak akhir2 ni selalu sil tu update status makan sobab celebrate mcm2 ngan sorang lagi adik ipar yg dok nun jauh..hati ni tertanya2 nape kami tak di pelawa.ajak2 ayam pun jadik le...sodih den...tu lah penangan pesbook lahanat...