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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Malaysian Hospitality

I will have to endure another trip, so entry ini adalah ditulis dengan bahasa yang berpada-pada.

Often I say, going on MAS is only when it is awfully cheap....like below 500 pounds cheap. I am not related by blood or through marriage ties with MAS employees so relatives rates is not even an option. I do the domestic routes only because I can't stand AA sukatipakmaknekatuk dia meng alter timetable.

I asked MC, you perasan tak all the cabin crew semua stock-stock pakcik makcik? For someone who don't make up, I think I look far more better than our kakak kain ketat.

All in all, I still stand by what I have said all along. Dear MH, provided you're going extremely cheap to cater for the cheapskate traveller macam I or manalah tau tetiba ada pulak Chief Pilot ke leading steward ke (walaupun receeding hairline) nak kawin dgn I.....I think for now, biarlah I kayakan si Emir Arab tu ye?

MH1 is senyumlah kepada Pax seplastik-plastiknya......pastu bila kita mintak Diet Coke buat muka macam kita nak mintak sebulan gaji dia.

MH2 is served the food even when your pax is soundly asleep. Campak ajelah snack pack tu atas badan orang tu ye?

MH3 is don't bother checking on the pax. Love up kakak tudung can facebook on her Iphone all that 13 hours.

MH4 is orang putih is heaven on earth. Treat them right. Let them have a reclined seat all the time sehingga susah orang belakang nak makan.

MH5 is avoid making eye contact with pax. It will guarantee you a restful shift.

MH6 is, nobody forced you to work so why giving us the look like you have knife behind your neck? Please lah.....go pencen voluntarily.

MH7 is a national carrier aircraft, bukannya academy polis ye. So tak payah la nak berfeeling pengawas sekolah ke polis traffic pulak.



aking said...

kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hahaha thats why la mak product of kambing gurun, didikan padang pasir bwh jajahan tuanku al-burn hahha

P/s;Mana lokasi mu skrg nok?

Anonymous said...

that's why not many MH crew will stay with MH...most of them will go to SQ once they passed SQ's interview for the better perks

leny said...

haha well all the makciks pakciks there have better English command rather than the newer ones, and the better newer ones go for other international airlines.
Makji, update lerr selalu..have been reading this blog since my uk student days:)

edelweiss said...

hehhehhe i setuju sangatttttt!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Hjh Esah...i guess only 1st class you will get better sket treatment and business class little better than Y class provided that, yes, your skin so fair enuf and blue eyes also...;-)