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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When Difficult Conversations Go Wrong

Have you been there? Well...we all have.

We all know that we're meant to discuss problems like a rational adult. But one can't help to get emotional...and personal. Tupp....conversation escalates into a row.

People kann..always blame their current state of mind. Ohh I was a bit emosi lah masa tu, sebab I dah takleh muat baju favourite I...

Perlukah kita menyesal bila kita ter bergaduh pulak dgn orang bila tak semena-mena? Well, yes and no. All I can say is that how you feel afterwards.

If you feel useless, hopeless what have you...then yes, analyse lah balik. You both maybe wasn't in the right state of mind. But knowing yourself better, would you have a long conversation with a friend if your mind ada DNA babi..well I mean, contaminated? (disturbed)

Conversation between two person or more, should come with a warning. Ada benda yang orang cakap, kita tak suka dengar. Pastu emo. Kalau emo tu yang bangsa dok dendiam dan pujuk diri sendiri ataupun tunggu kena pujuk, takpelah jugak. But kalau dapat jenis yang emo dan terkeluar true colour i.e. perangai lahanat cam bebudak, then you know..it wasn't conversation that you had with this kind of people, but it is a power struggle actually.

People should address their bigger issue, separately..maksud I, kalau you memang ada issue dgn orang lain, jangan lah pulak nak emo dengan orang lain, kan? We often bring up an issue with the aim of getting our point across and getting our own way.

Well, sometimes when you can't, too bad lah kan.

One unsuccessful conversation, is not the end of the world. It may cost a friendship..or a relationship...but if you rethink, your issue with that person is just an accident waiting to happen. So, if you have parted ways because of bad conversation, then..you should by all mean..bersyukur lah ko ada excuse nak blah.

Masa I balik kampong bebaru ni..well, I happy tau balik kampong..walaupun orang tak happy...takpelah nak buat cemana kann? Orang suka tengok I miserable kot. This good friend of mine sudah berpotong cake dgn BFF nya. Dah banyak kali jugak lah mereka ni potong cake, but this guy dalam pada dia tu diva nak mampus, senantiasa mengingati budi baik orang tu kat dia...

I cakap lah dgn this guy...you tak bercerita keburukan dia kat orang pun dah kira baik la. You cannot always feel indebted to him (walaupun mmg lah BFF nya tu yang bersusah senang bersama) but to have a hold on people just because ko banyak menabur budi, then perhaps, you should question lah..ikhlas ke ko menolong in the first place?

I have deal with a lot of stonewaller (err menda ni Makji?------> People who flatly refuse to discuss problems and like to walk away..thinking that that make them a champion) enough to know that if you keep meeting this kind of person along your way, then your relationship dgn dia mmg la ber problem. Your difficult conversations maybe a warning signs.

Some of us may find it difficult to deal with the one yang asal nak bercakap heart to heart je, nangis. It begs you to think that dia sesaja je nangis sebab nak menang. Childish sungguh! Come up lah with so many excuse pun...but if your cries get in way, bila nya nak solve problem, kan?

I have been in a counselling where in woman...sokmo nangis aje bila dia nak start cakap. Sessions yang ke empat pun masih nangis (ngabiskan duit NHS betul tau!) sampai I fed up and tanya, everytime you want to talk about it, you cry. Nampak sangatlah willingness nak membaikpulih issue tu takde langsung, sokmo dek bagi excuse je. This is me...I am vulnerable like this, katanya ...when secara terang nya bermaksud, I will do exactly what I like (crying)

If you are this fictitious emotional wreck, be mindful that..orang akan fed up jua. nangis lah dua hari dua malam...fine, then enough with that, deal with your problem head on lah.

We cannot change other people ye adik-adik..but what we can do is to change our reaction to them..no matter who you're talking to be it crazed hostage taker. If kalau orang tu mmg set-set nak menag aje, give them lah what they want....they want you to know they're upset with you, kan? Biaq lah...so you're upset, and?


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