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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hantu Kak Limah Balik London

Greetings from Croydon.

Tempat tanah tumpahnya botol molotov cocktail where all the occupants are adapting the idea of Kampung Pisang folks, very literally to fight the ZOMBA. Kita bakorrr, kita bakorrrr aje.

I'm fine. I was unharmed physically but dented emotionally, having witnessed the little budak hitams as young as 10 hammering his way into Tesco Express for goods. The shock of seeing about 20,30 hooded boys congregating in Clapham Junction, the station I had to stop for my connecting train home.

In Croydon I saw smokey building from afar, not knowing what had happened. I saw them gangs smashing shops but that part of Croydon, altercations here and there is like the 6 o'clock drama you tengok kat TV daily. Little that I know there's mayhem in some parts of London.

The day before I called up my ex to ask how bad is it in Tottenham and if dia nya okay. Dia cakap dia okay...so, okaylah kan.

So I got home 3 hours delayed and hungry. I had to duck away from the hoodies gang in Clapham. I thought bus was a safer option not knowing that they are starting trouble in the Clapham Junction High Street. I came out of the station and saw the gangs of boys smashing up Debenhams. I saw this older lady yelling at them but the boys just laugh. I did not see any uniformed authorities. People running past me...and they're the hoodies gang I saw at the station. The ran across the station to where all the shop is. I saw people taking pictures from their mobiles. I walked as fast as I could towards nowhere. I followed the bicycle signpost to Wandworth High Street. I dare not stand and wait for bus. I walked for 20 minutes...in thirst and hunger. From Wandsworth, I took a train back home.

I got home, 10 minutes before Iftar but I was feeling ready to makan/minum time tu jugak. MB was watching news. I saw the thing I just saw at Clapham on the telly. I asked MB, ehh..apa benda tu? MB said, ada riot...teruknya. I said, I just saw them. Infact, I saw them in 2 places, Croydon and Clapham. I said to MB, all of them budak-budak hitam.

Thankfully, I managed to sabar until Iftar. But fasting made me tired that I rasa nak tidur after my mug of Milo. I bbm'ed (promo kepada kawan tapi tak mesra ----- Blackberry adalah cool) MC, bagitau dia I dah buka puasa and penat nak tidur sekarang..and that I just saw a riot. You jangan risau ye sebab I okay...but I'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow sebab riot also happened in Croydon, where I work. And I terus tido.

I bangun sahur just for another Milo and thought I should call my mother. But I didn't..because I terus tido balik.

MC told me to stay home and not go to work, sebab katanya kat TV nampak macam ganas. I said, oh nooo...rioters tak kacau orang diorang nak curik TV aje. And MC said, kalau tak kacau orang, why do they beat up that Malaysian boy? I tak tau nak jawab apa. Then I called my mother, and she didn't mentioned anything...so macam biasa I tanya khabar and conversation ended in 3-4 minutes. Ohh..anak mithali.

Until now, I still don't know what actually happened and why it happened. I saw the aftermath in total disbelief.

The culprits are the children. Years ago, I asked not to work in Children Services because I know somehow kids in England..and everywhere for that matter, if not them..the parents are evil reincarnated. (POMM! mampuslah orang marah kat I pas ni kann?) But working in Social Services, you see evils in many shape and form....kecik, mak budak..bapak budak. Parents always think they know what to do with their child, they know what made them tick and they're unlikely want to take kindly to 'orang luar' punya recommendations...nak nak org luar tu takde anak. Ish....

But parents and their child live together....as much as the parents knows their child, sebanyak tu jugaklah their child 'knows' them..and know how to mengaburkan mata makpaknya...well, defensive parents are usually the one who knows the truth but refuse to swallow them.

But hey...saya takde anak....dan apalah yg saya tahu kann?


DeLancrettLurpak said...

kalau you kena belasah mcm si Asyraf tu, dpt la duit GBP22000, AMENO pun dtg tlg you, hehe. Ntah2 dpt ticket free, hehehe

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillahh Makji is still kicking (selamat lh tu..) -lobai-

pakmat said...

..glad you're alright..take care..