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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bibik Babik Part 1

Two days before Raya....one of my cats went missing. Ishh..ishh. Dia panjat washing machine and escaped through the grill.

When I mangkit sahur, my niece told me yang si Bee (nama separa sebenar) dah takda. Problem dgn si Bee dia adalah kucing yang dahulunya hidup dalam sangkatr sebelum di rescue oleh anak buah I. So, bila dia terlepas, samada dia tahu ke tidak nak balik...tuhan saja yang tahu.

Two days before Raya also, when my niece dah siap nak berangkat balik ke kamfung untuk cuti-cuti raya, dimalam yang hening itulah jua maka my Bibik telah dijumpai berkhalwat dgn jejaka Yenna ni. 


To cut the story short, I finally have the courage to say to her KAU BOLEH PERGI MAMPOS and drove her to a bus stop few miles away. I didn't even looked back. I was so hurt. I telah menatang dia bak minyak panas, overlooked her flaws, diamkan aje bila dia menjawab, turn blind eye bila dia dok kat sofa macam mem besar with two feet's up, let her reign over the remote control and few other things other maid wouldn't dare dreaming of doing when their boss is around.

I tell you...I bear and I persevere all that nonsense from her...number one because she looked after my cats very well sampai obesity melampau and second because she pressed my clothes well.

Things with the cats, agaknya..or for a fact I know that masa I dapatkan dia, my so called agent pembantu maid-maid pelarian sedonia ni....gakanya dah warning dia siap2 yang, nothing else matters but the CATS and making sure Boss kau makan. So yes, this maid of mine memang tahu where she stands with the furkids. 

Kalau kucing hilang, dia lah yang akan trauma dulu. You can see how relieved she look when cats returned or found. Tak payah I buat poster kucing hilang, dia akan harass neighbour neighbour I to let them know about the missing cats. I rescued numbers of stray cats knowing that I can rely on her menjaga anak-anak bulu I sementara I berpoya tengok wayang dan juga kerja terkutuk yang lain.

I only took the cats to the vet and she took care of them and making sure tablets are swallowed at all cost...I was spared from the scratch and bites.  My maid is the hero in this cat love story.

But I am beginning to notice yang dia dah lain. It crossed my mind that she wants to do a runner. Well, I can't say I am surprised. She ran away from her kononnya Boss yang kejam and landed on my hands. So if she had done it before, what stopping her this time?

Near raya, she told me that she wanted to go away. Wah wahhh....not that I ni kejam la kann...tapi I ni nak balik raya, so anak2 takkan nak tinggal tak ber supervisor? So I asked that she compromised with me...like let me balik the first two days and she can be released after. Mula2 tamau ya..dia kata she had janji with other maids (branik kau!) but batu-batu api serta penasihat undang2 I dah sound I, jangan bagi muka and that's what I did, I tak bagi muka pun. I stick to my gun.

Her weird composition become so obvious...half way through mengemas opis I, she will want to excuse herself balik rumah kata nak sidai baju la...apa la..ini la...

Still, I feel weird but I don't think of anything worst.

Malam my niece nak balik raya...was the malam last terawih. I came home from doing round of looking for Encik Bee. I was all over the place. Sedih tau. My niece also went round looking. WE stopped our cat rounds at midnight. She told me she tak sedap hati and want to check on the maid. Then I got phone calls from her...that Bibik was caught with a man in her room. NOT only that, my nephew took it upon himself pi belasah Yenna kekasih bibik ni and whaddayaknow....polis pun datang. I came home still clad in telekung into rumah yang dipenuhi darah.

Mak datukkkkkk. Dugaan nak raya. Dalam pala hotak I that time..I have got to sack this bibik and aduhaii, sapalah nak jaga kucing2 ku.

Tu belum lagi I kena grilled dgn Pak Polisi...and my day ended at 5 am!

Here's what had happened last raya....

1. I spent 3 days raya'ing at kampong. My best raya in ages...but unbeknown to my mother...everyday I sneaked back to Shah Alam quietly to check on the cats and balik kampong semula. I told her I pi raya umah this uncle lah..that uncle lah...kawan ni..kawan tu...

2. That night, the night Bibik was discovered with Yenna tak berbaju, I also discovered that she had already packed her bags. MY KPC neighbours bagi lah tahu yang ghopanya the Yenna is her regular occurrences. Wahh wah...not that I am jealous that she got more action in her life than mine ye?  True enough memang dia nak lari. But I scuppered her plan. I dah halau dia dulu.

3. Encik Bee masih hilang. (But he was found almost 10 days later in such a state)



Nani Othman said...

there's something about your post that just pulls. i think it's the cats. i have cats too and god knows how crazy i get if one of them falls sick. i've had cats since i was younger. and i still have cats now. i've learnt to look after them better. i've learnt to love harder too. which makes every loss a major heartbreak and a breakdown that will take days. my friends said they can't do it. they won't be able to deal with the loss. repeatedly. but i believe, that if you can't handle loss..then you won't be able to love anything. and that's even sadder than losing something or someone you love.

your post reminds me of one of my cats, Teja..who had returned to her Creator earlier this month. it was devastating. everything about it. but i guess if i become a better muslim and earn His paradise where everything is possible..i might get the chance to ask for all my cats to stay with me again. that thought keeps me from crying so much. i guess that's fine.

keep writing. i like your other posts too. more like i love the honesty in them and the straightforward nature of your writing. so stay inspired, makji.

Makji Esah said...

Awww Thanks Nani. I am so sorry about your cat. Nevertheless, kucing bukanlah seekor. Lawatilah pasar...

Nin said...

Ohh if I were to tell you my bibik stories... yang rentap tangan anak sampai terkehel, yang berscandal dengan bangla, yang berselfie tanpa hijab seluruh badan hantar kat bf... no, no... I better not start.

Irfa said...

Diorg mmg pelakon terbaik bab buat cite, sebijik sinetron